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How to distinguish Dysport quality products from forgery

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Injections are becoming increasingly popular, and crowds of people are stepping over the fear of the needle to improve appearance. But, as is often the case with expensive products and services, forgeries are constantly appearing on the market, and their number is growing with frightening speed. If you are going to agree to a “needle,” we advise you to find out exactly what will get under the skin of your face. So let’s discuss the following topic: what is the situation with fake injections and how not to get caught up in fake?

Where do the fakes come from?

They are manufactured in China. These products are not checked at customs, so it is impossible to control their import (so far).

How are forgeries so bad?

They may contain various oils and other ingredients containing preservatives and silicone. And that crap is definitely not supposed to get in your face. What if you were injected with fake filler? Don’t expect anything good. It can cause a severe allergic reaction and the appearance of scars. Theoretically, even poisoning is possible. It is impossible to predict the consequences, as the composition of the drug is not exactly known. You don’t need that kind. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there.

According to doctors, the patient will not be able to distinguish the forgery from the original on his own, as they are made very similar to real drugs, up to holographic labels on the package.

But still, we decided to tell you what the differences are.

How do I distinguish a fake from an original?

  • The price of a forgery is significantly lower.
  • Carefully examine the package. The packaging of the original product is qualitative, flat, with bright saturated paints. The barcode and numeric code must not be blurred.
  • Read carefully the text contained in the instruction and packaging material. The text must be well-read. Pay attention to spelling errors, they should not be.
  • Scanned instruction is a sign of forgery.
  • The release date, shelf life, series/batch number must be the same on all elements of the packaging material. If you purchase a drug, check the series number, release date, and shelf life on the packaging material and in the declaration of conformity; it must match.

What is the danger of using Dysport’s poor quality products?

By buying a fake Dysport cosmetic, you can push:

  • Various unpredictable effects on patients’ “health, inefficiency after the use of falsifications, as forgery can be made of dangerous substances, can be low concentration or total absence of active substance.
  • If you purchase products illegally imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, you also risk your health because you do not know where and how it is stored and transported. Failure to store and transport conditions can lead to significant changes in product properties, which can adversely affect efficiency, as well as trigger undesirable reactions on the body.

But don’t be upset. You can avoid fake injections without buying for cheap. It is necessary to remember, if you looked into the medical spa, and there offer Dysport at much reduced prices, it is likely to be a fake. Therefore, it is best to purchase cosmetic drugs such as Dysport in proven stores, which have a license to carry out activities and a quality certificate from the manufacturer.

Where to buy a quality product?

Buy Dysport can online on this site. Just add it to the cart and order it. Detailed information about Dysport can be found on this page.

You are responsible for product quality. Therefore, cooperation with us is one pleasure.

Author bio: John Michelson is a professional writer, editor, and Internet marketing specialist. He is passionate about writing the news which is covered in all aspects.

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