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How to design a magazine cover that will grab people’s attention

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Incorporate an element of novelty to capture consumer’s interest. Brand loyalty keeps customer’s returning to your magazine after you’ve caught their attention.

Are you looking at creating a magazine cover but not sure where to start? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over tips on how to design the cover of a magazine.

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Who Is Your Target Audience?

Take into account who your audience is when you start to brainstorm for your cover. Who is going to read your magazine, and what are their interests? This will help you come up with some ideas to attract your readers.


The placement of your typography is as important as the look. Try and create a harmonious combination of text, image, and background. Highlight the essential content. The title will have a larger font compared to the rest of the subtitles.

Text on the Cover

Using color for the text is essential because it affects the tone and feel of the cover. For subtitles or other small text, consider using white or black. For your title, choose a bright color that will stand out.

Background and Photo

The photo will take up the largest amount of space in the layout because it’s the spotlight of the cover. If you’re featuring a portrait, pick one where the person is maintaining eye-contact. This focus will attract readers attention.

Place the photo on either a solid color background or a transparent one. Your text and photo will stand out better. Check out the current designs and see how they merge the background and writing.

Pay Attention to the Title and Headlines

Draw attention to headlines of stories, the title, and other supporting content. Consider what content will stimulate your reader’s interest. The content can represent the theme of your magazine.

Keep any titles unique, catchy, and relevant. The primary purpose of a magazine cover is to sell the inside story of the issue.

Make sure you have teaser lines floating around the front page. Play around with italic or bold fonts as these will stand out.

Add Color

Add in color effects in the background or combine colors on the front page. Yellow and red are brighter colors that help make text stand out to the reader.

Play around with different colors to see how it looks and consider how your audience will feel.

Maintain Consistency

Every issue should have a similarity to previous ones. You could keep the color scheme or placement of text the same. Customers will be able to identify your brand right away.

Keep your audience intrigued by making each cover unique. You could add images in a creative way or change up the colors.

Select a Simple Template

If you’re unsure about your cover design, consider picking something uncomplicated. Go for a clear layout with attractive images and open spaces. Pick a basic color scheme and a smooth placement of text.

You can enhance this simpler design by creating engaging lines and intriguing content. Check out Adobe Spark’s magazine cover maker.

Designing a Magazine Cover

We hope you found this article on cover design helpful. When creating a magazine cover, consider who your audience is and their interests.

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