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How to deal with your losing run

Losing runsLosing runs are common. They can happen to anyone, including the very best punters. Therefore when it happens to you, don’t think you are alone in this. They can be very disappointing and frustrating to you, however, you should not lose your patience and faith.

Below are some of the ways you can cope with your losing streak.


Any bettor can experience a losing streak. Even the best punters experience this difficult time. However, what differentiates between the best punters and the ordinary is their level of professionalism.

Often good punters prefer to take a break when they sense that their losing streak is causing them to make poor decisions. Instead of trying to win back their losses, they take a break and try to figure out the reason for losing with a refreshed mind. Because that’s what rest does for you, it refreshes your mind and gives you a new perspective to look at the problem. This way, you often come up with a good solution to end your losing form.

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Reducing your stakes

It is always a very good idea to reduce your stakes when you feel that your luck is running out and you are losing in a succession. It can be very risky to increase your stakes while you are losing.

This often happens with many punters that they increase their betting levels in order to make up for their previous losses. That is when things can go in a really bad direction and likely you will wash your hands off your previous profits. Therefore, go slow when you are not winning.

Analyzing your bets

It is a very good habit to analyze your bets after you are finished with your betting. See whether you stuck to your original plan, or you just went along following your gut feeling. Even if your bet succeeds, you should make a note of such things.

This is very important because failing to stick to your original plan can cost you. Though sometimes you will win, mostly you will lose your money. Therefore, learn from your mistakes and try to be disciplined.

Continue doing if you are doing right

A certain amount of willfulness is also very important. Therefore, if you think you are doing things right, then you should continue doing so. Even when you are losing, you should not change. You should stick to your plan, stick to your process.

While not very profitable in the beginning, this thing will be beneficial in the long run for you. Therefore, have faith in your self, in your process, you will come out of your losing streak.

Know this that losing streaks are common and every punter can go through this. However, it is necessary for betting success that you work out a sound betting plan and then strongly stick to it even if the initial signs of success are not that encouraging.

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