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How to create a Wikipedia page that sticks?

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We all know about encyclopedias, but have you ever heard about any living or breathing encyclopedia, the one in which you can add your knowledge or anything of your interest? Well, the answer may be “No” to this question. But, I have the contradictory answer to this question, because I know the living encyclopedia. Now, you may be wondering what’s that? The answer is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a free online living encyclopedia hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. The reason behind why we call it a free online living encyclopedia is that it is a knowledge base platform where users work in collaboration and modify the content present over it. Wikipedia also called as “Wiki” managed by media wiki and wikipedia admins. Wikipedia is actually a content management system.

Wikipedia gives the freedom to the people that they can add things according to their knowledge. You can create a wikipedia page, improve random pages and can experience related stuff. The content which you can incorporate in Wikipedia can be anything: Carbon black, pinball, even the content marketing thing.

Well, knowing this much about the subject Wikipedia will give the curiosity. Or I should say, that people are very much curious to know how they can create their own Wikipedia page? I have researched a little bit about it and will share the same with you in a few steps. The steps for the Wikipedia page creation process are as follows.

Wikipedia Page Creation Process

  1. First, do your research. The initial thing that you need to keep in mind is the research thing. As every platform has its criteria to attain specific tasks, similarly, Wikipedia has its own. So, the first thing you need to do is learn about the community of Wikipedia. And how the working is done. It will help you to ensure that your page would not get deleted once you leave it for review after the Wikipedia page creation
  2. Create an account Now that, you have learned the ins and outs of Wikipedia, you are all set to create the account. The real Wikipedia account will make you eligible to write your content and also make a change in the existing one.
  3. Start with small things After the successful account creation, you can start working on it, but I will advise you to take small steps. From the small steps, I mean to say that, do not directly jump on the content creation thing, besides that start editing the content already present. It will help you to test your skills. The small changes which you make on Wikipedia will be recorded, and this gives you access to be an “auto-confirmed user.” Now, you are eligible to perform restricted functions, like uploading the image, and so on.
  4. Start gathering resources! Once you start feeling as a Wikipedia page creator, begin the gathering of sources or article you want to create. Most of the time will be saved, as you are already a handful of the content. The thing you need to keep in mind is that your content must not be biased. Also, it must not contain anything which subjects copyright.
  5. Write the copy now that, you have gathered all the resources, you are all set to write down your content and posting on it Wikipedia. Submit the page for review After the completion of the content creation, and you can leave the page for review. The process can take only a few days to happen, or it may take a while also. Once the content gets a successful review, Wikipedia moves it to the public space, and then you need to maintain the things and update them accordingly.

Hope, now you are aware of how you can create your own Wikipedia page!

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