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How to convert photo to painting

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Paintings have been around for centuries and have been a way for people to express their inner creativity in a way that can easily be put onto display for others. Many people desire the hand made aspect of art and the different styles artists take when showing a scene. People are able to achieve a painting like image with photo filters that transform their image into something that looks like a painting but this is very far from converting a photo into a true painting. The true conversion of a photo to a painting requires a skilled artist to look at the photo and translate it onto a canvas with their hands. This is a skill that takes years to perfect and to develop a unique artist twist to an image. The unique thing about converting an image to a painting is that the same image is being seen through the lenses of two people. The first is the lens of the photographer, the second is the lens of the artist who is creating the painting. This is a unique opportunity where a photographer’s vision and composition is seamlessly meshed with the artists style and technique. Below is a further discussion of how to convert a photo to a painting and what these steps entail.


The most renowned pieces of artwork have one thing in common and that is that they were created with thoughtful attention and planning. Before getting into converting an image into a painting it is important to ask yourself what the goal of the painting is. Whether the painting is supposed to fill an empty wall in a room, be a reminder of a special moment, or even a gift, it is important to have a clear intention. With the intention in mind it will make it easier to find a photo or take a photo that accomplishes the intended purpose of the painting. For filling a space you may want to choose or create a photo that fits the specific color scheme in a room so it appears cohesive. For special moments it is important to select a photo that captures the moment in a way that evokes the memory when looking at it. A gift is much more difficult to select a photo for and takes a considerable amount of planning. For gifts it is mainly about showing the recipient that a lot of thought has gone into the image selection. It should be something that perhaps exemplifies the relationship of the two so that the gift is a constant reminder of your relationship with one another.


Once a person has a clear idea of what they want the painting to be and include it makes the selection process much easier. It is easy to get aimlessly stuck during the selection process if a clear expectation and image of what is wanted is created. The selection of the photo is perhaps the most important because this is the only reference piece the artist painting the painting will have. Because of this it is important for the image to closely resemble what you are getting painted. There is some leeway during this process as post photo submission modifications can be made to create different scenes behind subjects or meshing multiple people from different photos into one painting. Selection is however not just limited to photo selection. Customers are able to select the medium used for the painting like acrylic, oil, or water colors. For this selection it is advisable to look up examples of the kind of image you are creating with the specific medium. With examples in hand of the different mediums it ensures that the medium selection will most resemble what the customer has in mind. With the medium chosen it is time to choose the artists that are known for utilizing the medium selection. Choosing an artist can seem daunting but looking at sampes by the artists allows you to make the best choice by seeing who has the desired style you are looking for. The final selection that needs to be made is the size of the painting that is wanted. The nice thing about having trained artists do these pieces is that they are able to select whatever size canvas and scale the photo accordingly to ensure proper proportions.


Once the payment is processed for the commissioned piece, customers can wait as little as 15 days till they receive their one of a kind paintings. This timeline is amazing as there is no appointment necessary to complete the photo to painting conversion and in the end you receive a one of a kind, hand painted work of art.

Overall converting a photo to a painting is simple and easy. Ensuring the intentions and expectations are clear in the beginning better allows customers to get exactly what they are wanting. Through adequate planning, research, selection, and patience, the process is smooth and will yield great results.

Story by Jacob Maslow