How to convert and resize 4K video without quality loss

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With 4K Ultra HD TV becoming the norm in the recent years, making 4K footage with camcorder, DSLR, action camera or mobile phones, and browsing UHD videos from video sharing sites also turn in to more popular and pretty common. But as much as 4K has brought us great pleasure, it has also created bigger problems.

The 10-minute recorded 4K video takes away too much place in the storage space of your cellphone or camera’s SD card, leading your cellphone or camera unusable? And the 4K HEVC videos cannot be played on some players, mobile, game console or TV? Even your over-sized 4K videos cannot be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram? What a disaster.

Fortunately, WinX Video Converter will make large videos less of an issue, by converting and compressing 4K videos.

Know more about WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter supports 370+ video and audio codecs, be it 4K HEVC video, 4K H264 recording from mobile, DSLR, GoPro, DJI or 4K VP9/VP8 contents from YouTube or UHD Blu-ray rip. You can convert your 4K footage from a lower compression format to a higher one, like H.264 to HEVC or MKV to MP4 etc. Or if you have a good knowledge of the factors that affect video size, you can customize video parameters, like convert 4K to 1080p, lower the video bitrate, change video frame rate from 60fps to 30fps, or adjust the aspect ratio to make your 4K clips smaller.

With the support of advanced compression kernel, High Quality engine and De-interlacing tech, it’s able to compress any 4K footage up to 90% size off while never sacrificing video quality visually.

Also, by utilizing Super Transcoding Engine & Multi-core CPU, WinX Video Converter is able to delivers 20x real time faster speed. If you’re using its advanced version, you can even experience a 47x faster video conversion based on hardware acceleration.

The built-in cutting and cropping features also enable you to reduce 4K video file size. It could make your 4K clips shorter in length, or smaller in frame size as you need.

Better yet, it’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s both adaptive for novices and experienced users who need something that is both powerful and fast.

How to compress 4K footage fast without losing quality

Download and install WinX Video Converter on your computer. It comes with straightforward and easy user interface. Now let’s get started to reduce 4K video file.

Step 1: Load the over-sized 4K video to it. You can directly drag and drop or click “+ Video” at the top of the main menu to load it.

Step 2: Choose an output format for it. Depending on your purpose, you can choose the output format from 420+ preset profiles. For example, select MP4 HEVC for double compression efficiency compared with H.264, or choose MP4 H.264 for wide compatibility on media players, mobile, game console, HDTVs and more.

Step 3: Adjust your custom compression settings, like lowering 4K to 1080p/720p, 60fps/50fps to 30fps/24fps, trimming video length or cropping video frame size as you need. If your 4K content contains several audio, video, or subtitle tracks that you don’t need indeed, you can also abandon the unwanted ones to further cut the 4K video size.

Step 4: Tap the blue RUN button at the lower right corner of the main interface. All done. The conversion will be finished in a very short time.

Story by Kistent Waung

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