How to complete college assignments under 1 hour

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Have you ever heard this famous proverb, which is rarely related to students? All of us find this advice to be helpful enough, but not always a realistic one.

Student’s life is so busy and vivid that it is almost impossible to find time for everything you want to complete in advance. You have to choose between this or that. So, most students find themselves in a situation when a college assignment should be finished in an hour. There are two ways to solve this problem – either to do nothing and forget about the desired grades or to do something to get a good result. We prefer the second option. Hopefully, you too. So, what can you do about your assignment in one hour only? Again, here you have two choices – to apply to a professional assignment helper service, or to do your best and complete the task by yourself. If you choose the second option, keep reading.

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How to Write Your Assignment under 60 Minutes

Probably all students have been there when the assignment should be finished in 60 minutes only. If you’re there right one, our article is definitely for you. We’re going to look at some very specific concepts of how to organize your work in a way to complete an average writing assignment as fast as possible.

  • The worst way you can start doing your paper is by typing the name of the topic you have in Google. Don’t do it, at least at the beginning of the writing process. The good way to start your work is by planning. Even if you have one hour only, planning is obligatory. In fact, planning can speed up the writing process. So, start with a brief plan. But don’t compose a 3-page plan. Let it be something simple, but clear enough to guide you through the whole working process;
  • Now, you can go to a research. Read your topic one more time and highlight all the important words in it. Have a clear vision of what exactly you’re asked to do in your assignment. Comparison? Description? What approaches are you asked to use?
  • Write down your own thoughts on the topic. But don’t spend too much time on this. Use a brainstorming method when you note everything you think about the topic, without looking for the best idea at the same time;
  • You don’t have time to go to the library, so you’ll need to use what you have now – the Internet. Of course, if you already have some specific books about your topic, you can use them. Just make sure you won’t spend up to 20 minutes on looking through those materials only. So, in this case, Google is your best friend.

If you do everything right and fast, all of these steps should take no more than 25-30 minutes. Don’t be afraid to spend more on planning and organizing your work rather than writing it. If you organize everything well, the writing process will be the easiest part to do.

  • Start writing. Based on what you’ve already found online and what you’ve written in your plan, write your essay. Be very focused and keep writing until the essay will be completed;
  • Then, give yourself a small break (5 minutes) and go back to your assignment to proofread and edit it. Never skip these two steps. You have to read your essay at least two times. For the first time, read and edit it simultaneously, trying not to miss even the smallest error. Then, read it one more time out loud. Does everything sound smooth? It is a great idea to give your assignment to someone else to read it for you out loud too. Of course, if you have time for this. If you’re not sure you have much time to do that, skip it. Instead, you can look through your essay on your own one more time.

And the last but not the least, choose a proper location for writing your assignment fast. Going to your university libraries is one of the most effective ways to fully focus on your task and get it done under 60 minutes.

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