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How to choose the right industrial strainer

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Certain industries utilize specific products, mechanisms, and apparatuses to help make their company more organized, efficient, and productive in the long run. Big industries require professional and high-quality technology to achieve their goals in their unique field.

In particular professions and job sectors, like utility, power, material, and food production, there are tools required to do the task at hand as effectively as possible. Here we will talk about a prime example of a special type of mechanism designed with a systematic and methodical process in mind.

What are industrial strainers?

Industrial strainers are used in power plants, factories, mills, refineries, and liquefied natural gas plants. This type of strainer is versatile for multiple uses, with it often found in houses, offices, and industrial buildings to take care of smaller jobs. In addition, industrial strainers help remove debris, particles, and bigger items that can flow through a pipe, clogging the system and resulting in expensive repair prices.

Therefore, an industrial strainer is a specific type of strainer designed for the intended use of various professions and applications. Removing pipeline debris for LNG facilities and factories can help eliminate any corrosion, debris, scale, rust, and jointing compound that has been breaking down the pipelines.

Choosing industrial strainers and commercial strainers

When comparing industrial strainers versus commercial strainers, these two items can sometimes be confused. Although these items both remove particles from the system, they differ in their use and construction. The similarity between industrial strainers and commercial strainers is removing items that are visible to the naked eye.

When selecting the strainers or filters to use, you need to determine how to choose the industrial strainers correct for your business.

Keep in mind these tips when choosing whether to use industrial strainers or commercial strainers for your needs:

  • Evaluate the material characteristics of the industrial strainer or commercial strainer
  • Analyze the flow rate
  • Calculate the pressure drop of the strainer
  • Calculate the operating costs of using industrial strainers or commercial strainers
  • See if any toxic materials are flowing through the industrial strainers

Different kinds of industrial strainers

There are various types of industrial strainers that individuals or corporations can choose:

  • Y strainers – This type of strainer is most often found in pressurized lines, gas, or liquid. Y Strainers are industrial strainers that can be used in suction conditions.
  • T strainers – T strainers are in-lined basket strainers that prevent foreign matter and debris from damaging anything in the system or clogging the tubes. These industrial strainers are designed to remove particles from pipelines.
  • Temporary strainers – These industrial strainers are used at the beginning of pipelines to filter out larger debris and foreign objects that can prevent the flow of liquid and occur at the startup. Furthermore, temporary strainers can be different shapes, helping filter out smaller particles.
  • Fabricated duplex strainers – These double basket industrial strainers are used when the flow cannot be shut down, allowing you to shut one basket for cleaning while the other can still operate correctly.
  • Basket strainers – Basket strainers remove slides from liquids in pipe systems by using a wire mesh screen in a vertical chamber to protect equipment from harmful particles.
  • Automatic self-cleaning strainers – These industrial chambers use a motor-driven rotating screen and scraper to remove solids from the screens.


By seeing the differences of the various types of industrial strainers, businesses, organizations, corporations, and individuals can make an educated decision about which strainer type is best for their needs. Determining if you need a Y strainer, T strainer, temporary strainer, fabricated duplex strainer, basket strainer, or automatic self-cleaning strainer can affect the quality of your internal pipelines.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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