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How to choose the best linen fabric quality

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Linen fabrics come in different qualities. The manufacturers can make them of the highest quality, and others can try tricks to achieve certain goals. It is always good to research the characteristics of linen fabrics to make the right decision in your search for the best products. Some materials can feel like linen, but they have other materials mixed up in a real sense. Linen is a natural fabric made out of flax. Ensure you consider the several qualities of linen so that it can be easy to choose the right materials. Below we are going to reveal to you the tips you can apply to choose the right linen fabrics:

1.Sturdy fabrics

Linen is strong and durable. Take time to assess the material and see whether it is very strong and durable. Even when buying online, the linen on the photos should look strong and attractive. Investing in linen will be a great idea. It is made out of attractive materials that will last longer. People looking forward to saving money on their tablecloths and curtains prefer linen because it is very durable.

2. Check out for slubs

Linen is a natural fabric, and with time it develops tiny globules on the weave. The slubs occur naturally. If you notice a given fabric has no slubs, then it is an indication it has been mixed with other materials. When looking for pure linen, ensure you check out and not the imperfections. Run your hand over the fabric, and you will feel the slubs. They may appear unattractive to you, but they are naturally occurring and are a sign of natural linen.

3. Natural creases

It is easy to spot real flax linen. It comes in a beautiful design with natural creases. The materials do not have high elasticity, and they will tend to develop creases. When you fold linen, it will hold to its folds. It is a material that will resist wrinkles and appear springy when folded. It should not appear as if it has been perfectly ironed. The creases are natural on linen.

4. Softness over time

Flax linen fabric will appear hard when buying. After use, it will become soft. You will have to wash linen over time. It will finally become soft after several washes. It is a comfortable fabric you can machine wash. Many people who buy linen find it very attractive and easy to care for.

5. Water spill test

Linen has a high moisture-wicking capability. You can perform a simple test of spilling water on the fabric and see how it behaves. Natural linen will absorb the water very fast. You can apply the test and see how it will absorb the water. It will absorb a lot of water before it can start showing signs of dampness.

6. Cool to touch

Even if it is hot, the fabric will feel cool to touch. They have a cooling effect that will make you enjoy touching them. When about to buy linen, ensure you touch it gently. You will feel a cool touch that will indicate it is pure linen. The fabrics absorb color evenly. Check out the coloration, and you will know whether it is pure linen.

Story by Karolis Butkevicius 

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