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How to choose the best baby formula for your little one

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When considering what baby formula is best for your lifestyle and your baby, the choices can be daunting. You walk through any grocery store, and you’ll find so many options it can make your head spin. There are so many companies that claim to be the best.

So how do you know? Milk Drunk has created a quick guide on selecting the best baby formula for your little one.

Where to start?

Many parents working full-time and caring for their little ones does not leave them with much time to read reviews or survey mommy friends for advice. So here are a few quick things to consider to help you select the best option for your little one.

Begin with doing your research. First, when deciding which baby formula is best for your little one, you need to know about the different types and forms of baby formula. Most baby formula is derived from cow’s milk, but there are various kinds.

Different types

Eighty percent of all baby formula sold is milk-based. The cow’s milk is modified and filtered to make it more digestible for tiny tummies.

Some babies are intolerant of cow’s milk, so this is something to keep in mind when searching for the right formula for your baby. If your baby is lactose-intolerant, or maybe you are searching for a vegetarian option, soy milk may be a good fit. It is known that soy milk has been controversial due to the possibility of hormonal-like effects. It is also a good idea to ask your child’s pediatrician.

Another option is hydrolyzed formula. This type of formula’s proteins has been modified to make it easier to digest and are well-suited for babies with protein allergies. The specialized formula is designed for babies with specific medical needs or NICU babies.

Different forms

When breastmilk is not an option, deciding what type of baby formula is best can be difficult. Baby formula comes in many forms, so it’s a good idea to know all your options before selecting the best one for your little one.

Powdered formula is the most common and typically least expensive form of baby formula and requires water. Pre-made or Ready-to-use formula generally is the most expensive but the most convenient because it does not require additional water. Lastly, the liquid formula is concentrated and requires extra water. A liquid formula is a good option because it is not as messy and more convenient as a powder formula.

What nutrients to look for

When an organic option is available, that is a good option. When a baby formula is organic, it is a non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) product, which is always a win. Probiotics, Prebiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Iron, are valuable ingredients to look for when selecting baby formula.

Things to remember

  • Be careful not to buy in bulk. Your baby’s needs change as they grow, so it is essential to consider your little’s age and the nutrients they need for each stage. You don’t want to buy in bulk and end up having a ton leftover.
  • Expensive does not always mean better. The reality is baby formula can be costly, but it is not a product you want to buy generic brands. The ingredients on the labels may appear the same, but that is not always the case. Name brand formula companies have conducted extensive research and study the long-term impacts of their products.
  • Use quality water. Filtered water ensures your baby is getting the cleanest water in their formula, therefore lessening the potential for waterborne diseases.
  • Stir the formula, don’t shake. Like breastmilk, it is essential not to shake formula because it changes the milk’s enzymes.
  • Avoid the microwave. Microwaves not only heat unevenly, potentially creating scorched spots in the formula, but they also can release harmful chemicals if you are using plastic bottles.

You now have more information so you can confidently decide which formula is best for your special little one.

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