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Owning or investing in rural property is something that most people have as a goal and is a landmark in anyone’s timeline. Once you have achieved this you will want to get the most out of your investment, with our help we can help you improve the value of your property. Our simple guide will help boost your curb appeal without spending a fortune.

Clean and Tidy

Firstly, you will want to remove and rubbish and have a really good tidy up. Anything that you may consider a treasure and couldn’t possibly be thrown away should be stored in a garden shed or utility room. It may be a treasure to you, but others may not want to see this as they walk past, having it stowed away keeps the area clear and you can always access if when you want. Having your property clean and tidy also gives the impression that you look after it, this is important for curb side appeal as people will want to look at a clean and orderly home.


Look for anything that is broken and needs fixing. Any holes and dips should be filled in, uneven ground should be leveled out or have a clear step up available. Gates and hinges should work effortlessly, without having to know the knack to get the front gate open or closed. Check your gutters, by keeping them clear from debris, making sure downpipes are free from blockages and drainage is working properly water will drain easier and you won’t be left with any unsightly marks on the outer facing walls, it’ll also smell a lot better too. Little things like oiling door knockers to stop them from squeaking and keeping windows and window frames clean and free from dirt and grime.

Driveway and Access

Depending on your type of driveway will dictate what kind of upkeep needs doing to help boost your rural real estate. If you have a gravel driveway, make sure the gravel is on the driveway and not spilling onto the lawn or surrounding areas. Tarmacked or bitumen driveways should be swept and kept clear of weeds and debris. Old or tired looking paved driveways should be jet washed to bring them back to life with any dips or raised slabs evened out by simply lifting the slab or area of slabs and filling or removing sand to make them level and even. Remember your driveway is the yellow brick road to your home and should be looked after, a tidy driveway is part of the advert of your house. You can also treat your drive way and the surrounds with weed killer, this will stop unsightly weeds pushing through and by taking a proactive stance you wouldn’t be left with holes in your drive way.

Landscape and Garden Care

Lawns should be mowed regularly be clear of leaves, fallen branches and debris. Make sure you have a neat and clear border between your lawn, driveway and flower beds. Any trees should be pruned with any dead branches removed; this keeps the area safe but also makes the area attractive to passers-by. Keep hedges neatly trimmed and cut back any bushes that are over spilling their area.

Go weed hunting! These pesky sprouts come from everywhere and anywhere, obviously you will be looking through your flower beds but don’t forget these guys can come through driveways and in-between any borders you have. Check where your walls and fences meet the floor, around the house and perimeter fence. Look through any gravel and around manhole covers, pretty much anywhere dirt can collect you will find weeds may grow.

Outer Fence and Gates

Your outer fence is the very first thing anyone will see approaching the property. Make sure all panels are secured properly with all panels in unison. When you think of your typical rural property everyone pictures the white picket fence making beautiful boarder between your house and the sidewalk. Having a fence and gate around your property also adds that extra bit of security, subconsciously giving you piece of mind make sure your gate is in keeping with the fence and works properly. Even if you don’t think that your fence needs any maintenance, a little wood stain can help perk it up and add a new depth of color. Only when you start applying it will you realize how faded it has become over time.

Painting and Details

Any areas around the property that are starting to look tired can easily be fixed with a wash-down to remove any dirt or even better a fresh lick of paint. Soffits, fascia’s and gutters should be painted at the same time when you paint the property, it is surprising how much of a difference this really makes.

Pointing out details like a different color for the gutters or edging can catch the eye of by passers. Small details that also make a difference are thing like making sure you have a visible and neat house number. An accessible post box is not only practical, but it shows you care about your property.

One task you don’t need to do yourself is window cleaning, have one visit every two weeks to clean off the grime and dirt that quickly builds up on glass. It may not seem like a lot, but it is these small details that soon add up and demonstrate that you do care about how your property looks and how you maintain it.

Final Thoughts

All these simple things don’t seem like much but when they all come together it really bring the property into its own and stands out as a piece that people want. This doesn’t take a lot of money to do, it does however take a bit of time and hard work but this will all be worth it when if you want to get your property sold or just increase its value.

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