How to become happier

Takeaways from Bestselling Book The Happiness Project

how to become happierIf you think how to bring more happiness to your life, Gretchen Rubin has got a definite answer for you. She wrote the book based on her own experience. The author believes the first goal of many people is happiness. It is the truth we cannot argue about. The book represents one of the most profound and engaging practical course about the cultivation of joy. The curiosity of the readers about the subject of happiness has only been growing in the last past years, so this work comprises the main hack how to transform your life for the better.

“The Happiness Project” fuses wisdom of all ages with an up-to-date scientific experiment, as the writer leads us through the year of bigger happiness. Now, the book’s popularity has grown so widely that it has crossed the borders of just blogging and became a movement known as “happiness project”. People meet to discuss their personal projects, and the trend has become international. The book was listed in the bestseller category for more than two years, and even presented in the renowned game-show Jeopardy. The book was translated into more than 30 languages and sold around 1.5 million copies.

“The Happiness Project” is the report on someone’s practical experiment. It shows the results of the ideas about happiness that were put into test. The writer goes through the central claims about joy seeded in ancient times, famous days, scientific studies and common values.

Instead of moving to another part of the world or becoming a millionaire, you can change the environment around yourself in a way that it will bring you happiness. Here are some examples how to do it.

A List of Right Habits and Useful Advices

  1. Clean your house and throw away old unnecessary things. It will clean your brain from clutters too.
  2. Build a healthy relationship with people. Be open-minded and explore the world.
  3. Money is same as health.

First of all, the writer looks at her health habits and level of the inner energy. Apart from having enough rest at night, exercises and good nutrition, Gretchen figured out that there is a clutter on her and that makes her down. All of the unnecessary junk things which you no longer use should be cleared off. Junk always takes a lot of mental energy, because every object has its own place and that is recorded in your brain. So, it’s time to sweep the floor on the level of mentality by maintaining your house in order. As for the partner, we can’t change people, but we can accept them for who they are. And above all, money does make you happy. If you don’t have money, the situation turns into an unpleasant problem. So, better to have money and earn it well, says Gretchen.

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