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How to avoid sleep deprivation and stay energized

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Is sleep deprivation causing you to strain over your days performance and stir up lethargy? Not to fret, it’s time to find the right ways of dealing with this concern once and for all, and in the most simplest of ways possible.  As one probably knows, not getting enough sleep can lead to grave impacts on mood, memory and overall health, therefore getting that right amount of sleep and reviving those energy cells is defined priority.  Well all in good time’s efforts follow these simple daily methods to witness your sleep befriend health again, only to witness re-energizing what was once a weary sleep-deprived system.

Optimize Your Diet

Heard of the phrase – Eat well, Sleep well? Well this is exactly the first thing you need to do, when you realize your sleeplessness has begun to take a toll on your health and its functioning.  Counting calories, hitting the gym, and yet not dedicating sufficient time to rest your system, your body will only alarm caution to health and highlight the impending dangers of lack of sleep. Announcing good news! There are dedicated sleep-promoting diets that can be harnessed for sound sleep and a goodnight’s rest. Speaking of rest, what if there was a bed that could assist just this? The Nectar adjustable bed frame responds to that very necessity of being able to adjust the mattress to the position that best suits your needs. With sound sleep and an ideal diet, you have just achieved the first target towards overcoming sleeplessness.

Drink Lots of Water

Now you might wonder how drinking water is going to boost sleep! Drinking below average amount of water can lead to dehydration that could eventually lead to disturbed sleep. Throat dryness and those frequent midnight trips to fetching water could also end up making you feel sluggish the next day further limiting the brain’s processing capacity, decreasing alertness and energy levels. Therefore it isn’t such a bad idea to consume sufficient water and treat yourself to a pampered rest on DreamCloud’s ingenious mattress, that so neatly pillars on creative metal bed frames crafted to deliver an elegantly comfort-like feel for the perfect night’s rest.

Get a Move On

The best way to enjoy sleep and stay energized is to keep yourself actively involved in physical exercises and training.  Known to be the most common method of serving both purposes, setting a strict regime to help your body become most fit, physical training not just improves sleep quality but also boosts sleep duration. Moreover  exercises also reduces stress and tires one out, thus enabling a faster inducing of sleep that could last satisfactorily. No just so, but with the help of Awara’s natural latex mattress that is exclusively made with natural and organic materials, one could experience a re-definition of sleep throughout the night- just the right go-to plan for your sleep-weary self.

Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

Sleeplessness does not such a serious jab until this prolonged habit affects weight, diet and everything else. While sleep plays a major role in the body’s ability to metabolize glucose, imagine what life-threatening effects it could cause someone who follows a careless sleep regime. This impact is more-so cyclic, hence to enjoy a peaceful sleep and to retain healthy blood sugar levels, it is crucial to keep them both under control.

Salt Baths

Well undoubtedly, there is nothing like a hot evening bath after a busy day, to get your body relaxed and de-stressed. But most health and wellness experts have taken this practice up a notch by adding an element they testify, does wonders- Salt. Yes! You heard that right. Adding into your bath-water the special ingredient called Epsom salt, one could only end-up enjoying its zen-like soothing effects that benefit a deeper and faster goodnight’s sleep. So the next time you take an evening bath, add in those magnesium sulphate crystals for that much-needed satisfied sleep eventually fortifying a completely energized self.

Stop With The Sugar Binge

It is understandable that you cannot survive without sugar and it is okay to give into occasional indulgence but sugar binging can have harmful effects on your sleeping pattern. Too much sugar will spike up the glucose level in your body, giving you instant energy boost to rush past your work but will also make your hyperactive to deprive you of your natural sleep. This quick-fix drops down after a while, making you more lethargic than ever. Therefore, avoid the sugar binge to avoid sleep deprivation and switch to natural sugar like fruits to keep you energized naturally.

Take A Nap

If you have long casual rugs in your house, use them to take a small snooze or a power nap to clear your brain from all the tiredness so far and keep you fresh to take on the rest of the day. Taking small naps in a day will help you keep sleep deprivation at bay and reduce the lethargy that you might face throughout the day. In contrast to the popular notion, a power nap is always good to keep your mind fresh and alert. You can also stock up your house with such comforting and cosy accessories from home furnishing brands to make your space warm and inviting.

Have A Fixed Sleep Schedule

Having a fixed sleep schedule can align your brain into a streamline pattern of work and rest. By adhering to a sleep schedule, you will be able to optimize your time productively, give your mind and body ample rest and will have improved energy levels to get you going through the day. A lack of schedule confuses your brain and body regarding the proper sleep time and therefore, is unable to switch off at all, leaving you tossing and turning until the wee hours and leaving you to sleep-deprived. A proper sleep routine is perfect to get your health in order.

Keep Your Gut Bacteria In Check

The good bacteria in your gut not only helps digest your food but also have an overall impact on your physical as well as mental health. They break down the food and turn nutrients into the essential elements that are necessary to help the body function effectively. These gut bacteria improve the digestive system and therefore, allows your body to retain energy that would otherwise be expended due to a tedious digestion process. This also helps you have a settled stomach before bed, making sure that you do not interrupt your sleep on the account of a bad gut.

Soak Up The Sun

Children and the geriatric folks are often suggested to soak up the sun. By soaking up the sun’s rays, you arm yourself with Vitamin D which is helpful in the developmental process of the body and also aids calcium in building up the bones. Sunshine also helps elevate mood and combined with fresh air, it can also help those who are sick and suffering from the flu. The sunshine also informs the body of the time and the body prepares itself to stay energized and work through the day. This is why one should limit the usage of laptops and phones as they emit blue light which tricks the brain and body into working instead of going into a relaxed zone.


Sleep deprivation is a factor that is affecting the 21st century savagely and is one of the top lifestyle diseases that people today are suffering from. Hope you can instill some of the aforementioned tips in your lives and keep sleep deprivation at bay and improve your energy levels.

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