How to attract more attention at your next trade show

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Taking your business to a trade show? You need a plan to stand out from the competition and make sure your time, budget, and efforts don’t go to waste.

When you knock your event out of the park, you win valuable business, new orders, and connections. Trade shows give you the rare opportunity to market yourself directly to a pool of potential customers, in-person and in real time.

But it’s not that easy getting their attention, though. Trade show fatigue makes your job an uphill battle, and it’s not long before attendees, distracted by their phones, busy schedules, and communications with the home office, will be hard to attract. After walking up and down the aisles long enough, you’ll really have to stand out to get their attention.

These tips will help you make an impression and get the most of the opportunities that trade shows present.

#1 Go digital

Brand activation is easier with pop-up digital billboards bringing your company’s identity to life. Don’t settle for printed signage when the environment is so competitive, especially as pop-up digital signage has become more affordable and easy to install than ever. Digital displays are eye-catching, versatile, and increasingly common.

Don’t just stop at your logo. Create a video that will highlight products and enhance the verbal component of your trade show marketing. Make a splash, or you’re likely to lose attention in a hurry.

#2 Get interactive

If you’re investing in digital signage, take the opportunity to make it interactive. Experiential marketing attracts a crowd, and crowds get everybody’s attention. Not sure how to create a memorable interactive experience? Work with an expert in digital signage who works in gamification, Augmented Reality, and motion, gesture, and touch interactivity.

These are features you can find in BIG Digital digital displays, a company that specializes in pop-up digital signage. They offer a turn-key approach from programming to installation that will help you turn heads.

#3 Rethink your layout

Don’t get too caught up on the pipe and drape without focusing on the layout of your booth. You want to be able to invite people in rather than sticking a table right at the front of the booth. Bring them in and draw their attention in a way that encourages them to browse around and ask questions. Opening up the space will yield more interaction and better results.

#4 Get in touch

If you have the option, get in touch with attendees in advance. The organizer may be willing to share email lists of other attendees, allowing you to send personalized emails inviting key targets. Establishing these connections from the get-go can save you tremendous amounts of time, as you can go into the trade show knowing who already has interest.

#5 Position yourself

Location is everything at a trade show. It’s been observed that attendees tend to move counter-clockwise through the space because this is the most common layout in supermarkets.

If you’ve invested in digital signage or an interactive display that should attract attention, locating yourself at the end of a row is a great way to make sure your brand is engrained in the minds of attendees. As people walk down the aisles, they’ll be approaching you.

If you’re going to attend a trade show, make sure you get the best results for your efforts.

Story by Rob Teitelman

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