How to ask users to write reviews: Best tactics and strategies

Online Chats for Consultations

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This way of communicating with website visitors has many advantages, but the main one is to increase conversion. Online consultant in the online store provides direct interaction with the client in real-time, while removing the barrier of live communication. Live chats serve two purposes simultaneously: customer reviews and troubleshooting at hand. There is only one drawback – if you are not able to ensure the smooth operation of online chat, it is better not even bother about it. However, keep in your mind that the questions left unanswered will do more harm to your company than the complete absence of online troubleshooting. To find out details on the proper business reputation management reach out to and learn the most effective business strategies.

Demonstrate to Your Customers that Shopping at Your Online Store is Safe

This is a complex but important task. You need to build a high level of trust in your website in a short time. Show that you are certified, get together with partners or suppliers who confirm your business reputation, be sure to provide your contact details, store address, be sure to offer different payment methods, including cash on delivery.

Feedback Right on Shopping Website

This is no longer a recommendation, but a vital requirement for your conversion and your business development. Look at sales monsters, like Amazon or Rozetka. Why their conversion and trade are so active and? The answer is feedback. It seems that no one will buy anything without investigating the market first. You can encourage customers to write reviews by using the same promotional codes and discount coupons or just send an email inviting them to leave a review of the purchase.

Show Customers Availability of Return System

You don’t think that the return policy is very good for optimizing conversion? You’re wrong. More than half of all buyers will read the return policy before making the purchase. This creates additional security guarantees and increases confidence in the store. People like when they have a chance to change their mind and replan their purchase. Though, only a small per cent of buyers change their mind after the purchase was made.

Ask Visitors Questions

To increase conversion, it is essential to interact with consumers through online surveys. Are they satisfied with service, goods, delivery? What do they think about your offers? Are they interested in the promotions? If you have questions for your audience, feel free to ask them using the email database and bulk mailing campaigns. The more interaction you have the more people will give the relevant mark to the quality of your services.

Use Promo Codes and Coupons

Promo Codes are a great way to influence conversion rates. The opportunity to get a discount or money for a bonus account in the form of per cent of the previous order amount looks very attractive in the eyes of potential customers. Besides, it increases customer loyalty and helps increase the number of regular customers. Offer your promo codes in exchange for customer feedback relating products and services they have got from you. As you implement ways to increase conversion on your website, keep track of the results and analyze all the changes with Google Analytics and Plerdy Click Maps to understand exactly how changes affect conversion and whether your business moves in the right direction.

Customer reviews are the most effective tools that help use analytical data to increase business effectiveness and find weak aspects of business management. The proper implementation of resources for reviews tracking can help better organize business strategy and make all clients satisfied.

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