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How the right trees can make all the difference in your backyard

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Your backyard should be the most special place in your home. It should be a place where you can relax and even enjoy spending time with the family. But before it can become your favorite chill spot, you need to pamper it a bit.

Planting trees can be an excellent recommendation for you at this point. While trees might take a few years to blossom and produce the correct result, they are ideal for backyards.

Using a strategic approach to plant the trees can be beneficial, as some species tend to grow fast. Plus, it will be an excellent way to save up on precious space in your backyard, reach out to a professional consulting arborist to learn more about it.

How trees can complement your backyard

Trees are a crucial aspect of any residential setting, and they also boost design aesthetics. Whether you prefer evergreen hardy trees or anything with unique seasonal foliage – there are many benefits of such a venture for your backyard.

These benefits can include:

Adds a unique appeal and barrier

Choosing the correct tree species can help your backyard privacy and help buffer the neighboring homes’ activities. It can serve as an excellent visual screen and provide noise control benefits.

There are various tree types for this purpose, and the types with dense seasonal foliage are best. A good example would be the Japanese Loquat.

Plus, many people tend to overlook the immense appeal that trees can bring to a backyard space. However, there are various excellent trees for aesthetics, with the annual types being the most appealing. Some even have a fragrant scent, which can take things to the next level.

A good example would be the Hong Kong orchid tree, which is both fragrant and has attractive foliage.

Shade for outdoor gatherings

The natural canopy that your tree can provide in your backyard can be an excellent complement to your living space. The trees make it a relaxing environment, especially during the summer months.

Besides, the shade can also reduce irrigation costs. It does this by controlling the rate of sunlight that gets to your plants. Chosen correctly, a suitable tree can provide sufficient shade for a small outdoor space.

However, remember to plant them right to ensure the best quality shade. Avoid trees with aggressive roots, and go for patio trees for this purpose.

Edible choices are available

There is nothing better than a fruit straight from the tree. It’s incredibly convenient if you are a lover of healthy heating or a proponent of organic food. Convert your backyard into a small garden by adding a few crop-producing trees.

The good thing is that you have many options in this category. These include trees such as apples, mangoes, avocados, and more. The only challenge with edible trees is that they require a lot of “Tender, Love, and Care (TLC).”

Also, the edible trees help add a sense of functionality to your otherwise unused backyard.

Attracts wildlife habitat

The suitable trees can convert your backyard into a miniature ecosystem with lots of wildlife. Planting suitable trees will likely provide a home for insects, squirrels, birds, and more.

Plus, the trees with dense foliage will attract bees and various other nectar-sucking insects. Inviting biodiversity to your backyard will bring a sense of serenity that one can experience during hikes.

The only catch here is that you have to be careful, as some wildlife might get their way into your house.

Brings eco-friendly benefits

Aside from improving biodiversity, trees have several benefits in various ecological procedures such as carbon control. Remember the concept of photosynthesis you learned in preschool. Trees are a significant part of this process, and this helps control CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

High CO2 levels can increase temperatures globally and also lead to various ecological globally. By planting a few trees in your backyard, you instantly make a positive contribution to making the world an eco-friendly place.

Furthermore, trees can also be beneficial in reducing issues such as the urban heat island effect. Metropolitan areas with a significant number of uncovered spaces tend to experience extreme temperatures. The problem increases when there is a lack of adequate tree canopy.

A few trees in your garden can contribute to evapotranspiration rates in the area, helping make the environment warm.

Can improve the value of your property

Planting trees in your garden using a unique strategy and using the proper techniques can boost property value. You can add the trees’ value towards the final amount you want to get for your property.

The trees can be particularly beneficial in this context if your backyard is large. Trees, when large in number, can have significant benefits to the functionality of your backyard. So, the value of the given property increases significantly.

Furthermore, a property with a lush backyard appeals to guests, friends, family, and more. You can be the host for many different gatherings with the people you love the most.

Benefits of a consulting arborist

Even if you have spent many years planting trees, there are still a few pointers you could get from a professional.

Consulting an arborist might be an excellent recommendation, even if the services come at a cost. A few benefits of such a venture include:

  • They provide professional insight – an arborist is a trained professional with immense experience. Use this insight to boost the health of your trees.
  • You get quality results – an arborist will give you excellent information on planting trees strategically. So, you use space the right way and are free from contaminants associated with unhealthy plants.
  • It helps you stay in line with local laws – some states have strict regulations about specific tree species.

If you are struggling with making your backyard unique, look no further than the suitable trees. You can never go wrong by getting such plant life in your garden, primarily through a strategic plan. The good thing is that hiring an excellent arborist is a simple process.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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