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How the properly maintained staircase can increase the value of your property

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Having an elegant home means every single aspect of your house should look valuable and have a certain persona to it. From the floor to the ceiling every aspect needs to stand out and scream “I add value to the overall cost of the house.”

However, some homeowners do not understand this concept and end up overlooking things such as their staircase. Now if you have a staircase that is literally located in the middle of your house and the first thing people see when they walk in, maintaining it should be a top priority.

Did you know that a properly maintained staircase can in fact add value to your house? Not sure how to maintain your staircase? Well you can hire a service from  stockholmsallstad.

Determining property value from staircases

As mentioned above, each aspect of the house/apartment contributes to increasing the overall property value. The same can be said about the staircase (s) and the location of the staircase or staircases in the house/apartment. But how exactly can a staircase add value to a property?

Here are some ways in which a staircase (s) can add value to any property/home:
1. An ornate and antique wooden staircase can add a classic and decadent touch to any home. Although the home may have been completely renovated, and has a completely new and modern look to it. The staircase still adds a hint of vintage and antique elegance. It is common knowledge that anything that is antique or vintage will generally be regarded as having a higher value. Therefore, if you maintain a vintage-looking staircase well, especially one that is made from antique wood then you can definitely be looking at an increased value of your property, which means an increased price tag if you’re planning on selling.

2. Once again, an antique and modern staircase can add value due to the support it gives in structure to the property. Since antique and vintage staircases were often made with wood, depending on the type of wood used the staircase could in fact be extremely strong. Now, if you remove that staircase entirely it could compromise the entire structure of the property which could ultimately lead to the value of the property decreases. However, if the staircase remains as it is, it still provides the same structure and renovations can be done around the staircase. Thus, ensuring that the value of the property remains high.

What do real estate agents say about staircases?

From several studies conducted, real estates all agreed on one common though when it comes to staircases and the value they add to the property. The common thought is that if a staircase is the first thing a person sees when they enter a home, then of course this staircase will add value to the property if it has been maintained well.

If a person sees that the staircase has been maintained well, then they automatically start processing thoughts that the homeowner provides attention to detail and they have probably maintained other aspects of the house with the same care and attention to detail.

Real estate agents have said that a staircase is one of those things in a person’s home that can really give individuals a lasting impression due to the fact that it is the first thing a person sees. As the saying goes, first impressions can make or break a person’s decision. So a great staircase can really make or break the value perceived by a potential client when it comes to the value of a property.

With these suggestions, keep in mind that whenever you’re planning on renovating, a staircase can really add value if maintained right and you can always use a service like for maintenance.

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