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How the cloud is changing the world of business

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In recent years, the cloud and cloud technologies have become one of the fastest-growing trends in computing. The ability to store and process files remotely has become significantly important to firms operating in an increasingly global marketplace.

Whether you realize it or not, you likely already use cloud services. For example, suppose you save your images with Google Photos. In that case, you’re using the cloud as remote storage – if you back up your files with Dropbox, you’re using the cloud – and no matter what model of cell phone you use, you likely have a backup copy of your files stored remotely, again, in the cloud.

Modern cloud technology is everywhere these days, empowering companies and individuals to work collaboratively, all with the security of knowing their files are safely stored remotely.

How cloud technology can change and enhance your business model

Working in the cloud has considerable advantages over previous fixed local storage and processing solutions, including:

  • Remote work and collaborative file sharing: Working with the cloud, your staff are no longer tethered to just local connections and can instead work on the go, from anywhere that they can find an internet connection. The companies that fared best through the recent Coronavirus outbreak were those that already cloud technology installed and could easily move to the home-working model to let their employees still work remotely following the lockdown.
  • A more flexible workplace: It’s estimated around 16% of companies now regularly employ freelancers meaning the ‘traditional’ idea of the workplace is changing considerably from the idea of everyone working under the same roof. Cloud technology makes employing freelancers considerably easier, allowing your entire team to gain access to the files and software you use most. Of course, this wide access means you’ll need to monitor who’s accessing what closely – and when – but using a cloud access security broker like Proofpoint can help you stay on top of any potential access issues.
  • Remote processing power, regardless of what device you’re using: Using cloud processing services means even the most basic devices can become literal powerhouses. Even the lowest-grade cell phone can pull on remote resources to perform complex tasks.
  • The considerable cost benefits of using cloud services: Working remotely in the cloud will bring cost-reduction benefits to your firm. Letting a third-party look after your server, computing, and storage requirements means you don’t need to invest in installing hardware locally. Moreover, if you move to the remote working model, you could also benefit from the considerable savings brought through having staff work from their own homes – and you could also reduce the cost of energy/premises rent and rates, etc.
  • Scalability and the option to upgrade/downgrade as required: Traditionally, companies would need to spend considerable amounts of money on their local computing requirements – and suffer equally onerous fees if they needed to upgrade services. With a cloud computing platform, you can increase or decrease the level of provision with just a quick call or email to your provider, giving you the greatest Return on Investment (ROI). Cloud services offer the greatest level of flexibility and scalability – and all actionable within seconds.

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