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How the brain hinders losing weight and what to do with it

We get used to thinking that the process of losing weight is a mix of proper nutrition and intensive training in the gym. Sometimes, even the strictest diet and grueling workouts do not give results. When you spend an incredible amount of time and energy in order to get a figure of your dream, and the results upset you, the problem may be in your head.

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Getting ready to summer vacations or meeting someone from the dating site? Or maybe you just want to meet someone on such a service like HookupGeek and want to be in better shape. What really does not give us to lose excess kilos and how to cope with it? Get ready! Today we will talk about how our brain prevents us from losing weight.

The core of the problem

How does our mood prevent us from losing weight? It is simple.  Eating disorder is a difficult process in which many things should be done. First of all, it is necessary to accept the fact that you need help.

It also happens that the eating disorder is a result of a violation of personal boundaries when a person is “fed up” with offenses, misunderstandings, and simply cannot eat. Otherwise, food may be a mean of protection: only when he eats, he does not feel problems and worries.

The common reasons

There are numbers of reasons why we cannot lose weight. To start with, all people have only two types of food habits: anorexigenic or bulimogenic. Thus, some of them eat when experiencing stress, while others vice versa. These processes are “established” in us, and, sometimes, work on a subconscious level.

Stress may be a result of various factors, which influence our mood:

  • Difficult job;
  • Family relations;
  • Sex;
  • Health;
  • Ecology;
  • Bullying, etc.

Of course, each of the possible factors is important, but in order to get rid of the problem, you have to accept it. For example, a woman may be ashamed by the fact that she still cannot lose weight. The body reflects it and begins to gain weight vice versa. When the comfort zone and the ability to defend personal boundaries are violated, the psyche begins to defend itself.

It’s all about the emotions

Nutrition needs to be approached wisely, but it is also vital to listen to your instincts. Do not follow the blind desire to lose weight or to prove something to someone. When you suppress your emotions, the destructive attitude towards your body starts to affect your life. Start from accepting your weaknesses and learn how to fight with stress.


If you want to lose extra pounds forever, get ready to the fact that this process will take time, and will require patience and change in diet. Of course, a lot depends on nutrition: shape, health, condition of hair and skin, so if you want to have a flowering look, feel cheerful and be slim – always follow your diet. However, you should remember, that losing weight primarily starts from inner changes: let your brain accept them.

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