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How the bookies with the highest odds will help you bet on your kids future

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We bet on who will be the next president, we bet on when the coronavirus will come to a halt, we bet on football, on sports, on when the next sporting manager will be fired and so on. It is a never ending story, as the betting sites not on Gamstop which are offering the highest odds provide various outlets when one wants to bet. But let us stop for a second and think: have you ever bet on your kids?

If you look up on google a simple term of gambling on kids, you will realize that the two words do not go well together, and you are flooded with information on how kids and youngsters can combat young gambling habits. But let us stop for a moment and think, how many times did we tell our kids: ‘I bet you can do this, and I bet you can do that’. Unconsciously, we are teaching our kids that gambling is ok, and well it is, as long as one has control on their bankroll, betting patterns and on the overall betting strategy.

Many times we bet on this potentially happening in the future. Will Simone Biles get back to her winning gold non stop? Will Anthony Joshua keep all his belts? Will humans (except for Richard Branson) make it to space and the moon, just like people make it to London for a rock concert?  These, and many more betting options are available in life. There are gamblers that bet on upcoming events and others that bet on events that could potentially happen in the near future. This is the world that gambling offers.  There was quite a notable bet done, that caught all the media attention around. UK’s Nick Newlife placed a 1.5K bet that tennis legend and pillar Roger Federer would scoop not just 1 title but 7 Wimbledon titles. This is how much faith the punter had on the tennis player.  He did win a whopping 100k in bets in return, the pity lies in the fact that Newlife passed away before he could enjoy his winnings.

We always wanna bet on things we want to win, things that can happen positively, and our kids are one of those things that we want to succeed in life.  Parents bet on anything tbh, will my kid make it to the X factor, will my kid make it to college etc. It is a never ending story, really.

Betting company Firm confirms that on an annual basis, parents spent thousands of money on betting on their kids.  It is the norm, and betting agencies and firms always check the individual situation before providing the respective odds available. Long term odds are always the best that are offered, especially by gambling legend William Hill. Long term meaning if parents want to bet on their kids, they will bet when they are quite young. Meaning when the kid is quite young, a bet would be placed. Will the child go to Harvard? Will the child make it to Britain’s Got Talent? Will they graduate from Oxford? All of these questions are raised by parents. All of these points and betting options and more are placed by parents about their kids.

William Hill, one of the biggest sports betting outlets in the world, has always been the go to sportsbook where many parents place a bet or two on their kids. After gathering all the data, Willian Hill advised that the normal bet would be between 20 – 25 GBP, and would normally never exceed the 100 GBP mark. Using the Request A Bet system that bookmakers would offer, parents can confidently place a bet about their kids, if they will make it in a cutthroat world, that we all know how competitive it is.  The good news is that most of these parents bet if their kids will make it in the world of football. Ever thought how and also why the betting company would allow such bets to happen? Truth be told, the UK is one of the most prominent when it comes to football, just like Spain and Italy, and the football club schooling system is quite advanced and technical. If the child wants to learn football, they will, and some are more gifted than others.  This is the main reason why sports betting companies allow parents football bets on their kids.  The potential is there in the United Kingdom, and many times than not, the child will make it big in the United Kingdom football world. Keeping in mind the risk factor involved in such bets, betting companies know that most of the bets come from parents whose respective kids are already enrolled with a football club. A win-win situation, really.

Want to place a bet on your kids, this is how …

If you are reading this article and looking at your kids at the same time, you might maybe want to place a bet on two on the lot. This is not your traditional bet that we are talking about here, as the bet and odds would need to be created just for your bet. But worry not, if you want to place a bet on your kids, we got you, so let us show you how to make that happen in no time.

For starters, you might want to source and find the bookmaker which comes with the highest odds, this is how you get a good return for your successful bet. To choose your bookie, we suggest that you check sporting events and also check which bookmaker gives you the best odds.

If you cannot find the personalized bet option via your favorite bookmaker, a good option for you would be to contact Customer Support and ask them if you can go ahead with your ideal bet. Some might say yes, some might say no, but there is no harm in asking, that is the bottom line here. Just remember that since this would be a personalized bet, meaning a bet that is tailored made for you, the CS team at your go to bookie, might want to check with other departments and then get back to you. So if you are planning on betting on your kids, think ahead, as a personalized bet would need to be calculated just for your betting need, hence might take some time. Dare we say, hurry, the clock is ticking?

When looking for that to go to a bookie, just keep in mind that personalized bets are not offered by all the betting companies, and small betting sites might not have the capability or the manpower to offer the service. A good way to start off is looking at personalized bets that are offered by companies such as Bet365, BetFair, BetVictor, Paddy Power Unibet, Lanbrokes, Coral, William Hill and many more. These companies have been in the online gambling and betting world for many years, they have earned their stripes and also have been the go to sites for many punters. Heading to their respective sites to place your kid bets will save you some research time for sure. Also, keeping in mind that betting on your kids is a bet that will materialize in the future, you would have to stay assured that gambling companies would be around in a couple of years time, hence established betting sites would be a good option.

The evidence

When placing a bet on your child’s future, you would need some data to show the bookmaker.  So, all the evidence and documentation that you can provide to support the bet, will be essential. Apart from being a paradigm to show your documentation, this is needed to support your wager, along with the bookmaker having a starting point to providing you with odds. The quicker and the more supporting documentation you show, the quicker you get your odds. With no evidence, there is no way that the bookie will accept your wagering money.

Follow these simple rules for a better wager

Here are some rules and pointers we suggest that you take into consideration when placing your bets.

  • Make you bet a straightforward one. If you feel that your kid will participate in the next World Cup, just keep it at that. Adding that he / she will score 5 goals in the first half of the match will not add much value to your wager and will also complicate things. Keep your bet simple at all times. This way, you have better chances of landing a winning bet.
  • We cannot stress the importance of showing your data and documentation. Without that, you will be turned down by the bookie, hence, do your research, get the evidence and then go to your bookie for a quote/odds.
  • When deciding on your bet odds, keep this in mind: The bookie will always give you a wager that is small, hence there is always room for negotiation. Use your time wisely when chatting with the bookie. There’s initial odds should not be the final ones. Always negotiate bets, so you can get a better payout if you win.
  • If you are shopping around for insurance, you will get multiple quotes to make sure you get the best deal. Betting and placing a wager on your kids should be the same. Check with multiple bookies before placing your bet.  Bookie A and Bookie B could be the difference in you landing an extra hundred quid on your bet in the near future. Act and choose wisely.
  • The best return on your bets will be granted when your place bets when the child is small. Ok, you can always place a bet when the kid is 10 or 11, but the younger the youngster is, the better the odds will be.
  • Multiple bets are always a better option and you will get better money if your kid performs well in their area of expertise. For example, if you have placed a bet on your child winning a tennis tournament, you can bet on them willing both Wimbeldon and also Grand Slam, this way, you have better chances at winning.
  • The bookie needs to be informed if your moniker has some changes in their life. If they have changed their name, surname, gender etc.  The bookie would need to notify asap, so keep that in mind.  If your child goes to win, and you would have not notified the bookie, they have every right to hold your money back, after all, it was you the parent that failed to inform the company of changes.
  • As always, reaching the Terms and Conditions is always something that you need to do. That small print at the bottom of the page is important and outlines all the laws, regulations and conditions of your bet. A small print there could be the difference of your landing your winnings or not.

Success stories of parents betting on their kids

Since betting on one’s kids as future sporting legends or talent show stars is not something that has been invented today, there are some success stories around. If you head over to google and check out some of the most prominent bets that parents have placed, you will be greeted with a handful of feel good stories.  So, let’s dig into some parents that have made a buck or two placing bets on their children.

Football betting on kids

One of the biggest sports in the United Kingdom has to be football. If you do not follow the English Premier League or say betting companies advertise that, you most probably have been living in isolation for way too long. The UK football market is huge, and generates millions of pounds on an annual basis.

Most of the football players will have sons and daughters that will also follow in their father’s footsteps when they grow up. You will most probably also see the kid joining the nursery of the same club that daddy has played for in his golden days. This is just the same as in any other profession, if the father / mother is a doctor, chances are that the kids will be involved in the medical field.

Eddie Kirkland, one of the UK top football legends, always believed in his son Chris.  It was evident that the father hoped his progeny would follow in his football steps. The father noticed that son Chris had the perfect traits to be a goalie, and the stamina, nerve and talent were evident.  Kirkland sr. and some friends placed a generous bet of 100 GBP that son Chris would play for his home country before reaching the age of 30. The good news is that Chris Kirkland did indeed have the right skillset to take on the job, and signed with Liverpool FC in 2001. His Liverpool career did not go as planned, as Kirkland failed to find his spot within the team. In time, the goalkeeper was sold to Wigan, and here his career took off. His good performance earned him the England cap and also a payout for his father Eddie.

Do you want to know how much money the Kirkland family took home? So, remember that an initial 100 gpb, and the odds were placed at 100/1. Well…drum roll please …the family netted a whopping 9,908.10 GBP. A good investment on a small bet if you ask us!

When a Manchester United Debut earns dad money

If your son plays football, and you happen to be in the United Kingdom, as a parent you would want your kid to make it to the top ranks, meaning player for one of the top contenders of the English Premier League. This means, you would want your son to play for teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and much more.

This is the buzz that Ryan Tunncliffee felt as he wore the Manchester United t-shirt during the Capital One match, seeing the Red Devils square off with Newcastle. Although playing as a substitute, Tunncliffe had materialized his dream of playing for a big club. Sir Alex Ferguson decided that Tunncliffe was the right man to substitute a very tired Wayne Rooney, for the last deciding moments of the match.

Little did Tuncliffe know that his dad Mick had placed a 100 GBP bet on his son. The bet involved son Ryan playing for the Red Devils, and was placed against odds of 100/1. The youngster was just 9 years old when the bet was placed and netted his family a whopping 10,000 GBP. The bet was placed with betting giant William Hill, via a personalized bet as requested by the Tunncliffe family.

Another bet done by Mick Tunncliffe was another 100 GBP bet, as he wagered on his son wearing the England shirt and representing his country.  Ryan Tunncliffe did play for England, however only in the Under 16 and Under 17 divisions, yet failed to make it to the top squad.  Of course William Hill was happy that Ryan never made it to the top of the league. With odds placed at 350/1, if Tunnicliffe would have made it to the top squad, a 35,000 GBP would have been paid out.  William Hill dodged a bullet!

When a football bet grants grandad millions

We just love a good betting story, especially if the story ends with the gambler winning the bet and taking home a good amount of money.  And when a 6 figure bet is won, after a 50 GBP bet is placed, the winnings feel better.

Harry Wilson’s grandad Peter Edwards, believed so much in his grandson that he went to wager a small bet of 50 GBP on the moniker making it to the Welsh football team. At the time of the bet being placed, Wilson was just 3 years old, hence his grandpa was offered odds of 2500/1. Much to grandad’s delight, Wilson was called up to play for Wales during the World Cup qualifiers. Once the match was over, Edwards went to claim the 125,000 GBP secured from the bet and decided it was time to retire for good. All thanks to his grandson of course!

Rory Mcllroy’s 10 year bet was worth the wait

Although many times, it is the parents or the immediate family members that bet on their kids or grandkids, some exceptions do exist of course. This was the case with Rory Mcllroy, a professional golfer from Northern Ireland. The golfer rose to fame when in 2014 he took home the title and cup from the British Open, and this landed his family and friends a whopping winning amount of 180,000 GBP.

The gold frenzy all started when Rory Mcllroy’s father noticed that his son was a true golfer, a gifted one that could go places. At the tender age of 15 the future golfer was already swinging the golf club and landing some of the best pockets, so this promoted Mr Mcllroy to bet on his son. He and his mates bet a 200 GBP bet, that the son would win the Major within the next 10 years.  Call it fate, call it luck, the Irish sportsman went on to win the golf tournament and helped the people betting on him to bet a whopping 180, 000 GBP in return. With the bet if you ask us!

If we look at the bets wagered on the young golfer, one friend bet that Rory would win the Open before he reached the age of 50 (Golfers do not retire at a young age after all)  The odds were listed at 500/1 with a second bet being offered at 250/1 and the third one at 150/1.

Although placing a good bet with a bookmaker which offers the highest odds is always beneficial, winning an open is sometimes much more profitable.  Mcllroy went on to win the US Open in 2011 and also the PGA Championship in 2012. Needless to say, he took home millions, and the rest is history. If Mcllroy Sr. and his pals bet more and more wins, they could have taken home millions too. Yet, we do understand that one needs to display restraint and caution when placing bets.

When the bet is close, but not a winning one

Sometimes bets do not go as we plan, and albeit we place a bet on our favorite sporting team, event or even athlete, the wager does not turn out to be a profitable one. This is gambling after all, you are placing all your fate into an event, and if the person / team does not win, you end up losing all your money. It happens, and that is okay.

This happened in 1989, when Curtis Robb’s dad placed a bet on him scoping an Olympic medal. The odds for the wager was placed at 500/1.  The dad was so confident in his son taking home an Olympic medal, that he placed a whopping 500 GBP bet.  Unfortunately, the bet did not turn out to be a positive one, as the athlete only managed to land the 6th place in the final.

Another hope for the athlete and the dad came with the new Atlanta Olympics looming by, yet Curtis Robb failed to qualify, shattering the money dreams of his father in the process. The athlete never made it again to the Olympics, and the bet was never paid out. He moved to a different career path and is now a world renowned surgeon.


Placing bets on your kids is quite natural. You believe in your offspring, your progeny, and a bet is imminent. They could be gaining momentum in sports, making it to University, or pursuing some other career. If you want to place a bet on your kids, you will not find these odds in the traditional sportsbook, you would need to speak to the bookmaker with the highest odds, the best bookies in the world, and then you can place your bet.

Just remember, the younger the child is, the better the bets and the odds. Ready, steady?  Let’s get betting already.

Story by Nick Garner