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How technology is evolving betting

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The amount of technological evolution we see today is just mind-blowing. Every sector seems to have a bite of the shift. Betting is not left behind and has found a spot in the bandwagon.

In that short time, we have shifted from the traditional forms of betting and are now doing everything online. It’s just the other day when betting sports was dependent on the simple dial-up connections. Today, we can experience live bets and get the first-hand experience of an actual event.

The Transition in Bits

Internet sports betting first came into limelight in 1996. It was the initial stage of internet connectivity, and only a few people were literate.

Poker and Bingo were first to claim the coveted spot on the internet, and it quickly resonated with it. This paved the way for more betting games, and since then, the growth has been tremendous.

  1. The Mobile Transition

Smartphones have become center-stage in our lives. We are in an age in which when you forget your smartphone at home. It feels as if a huge part of you is missing, which affects your productivity.

That’s why sports betting firms like BET911 are leveraging on using smartphones to serve you as a player. One of the most significant developments that they have employed is creating mobile apps to make players quench their betting affinity at any time.

You don’t have to book a ticket at the bookmaker shop to play. You can log in on your smartphone from any place and continue playing.

  1. Customer Experience Transition

Customers want the best from any platform. And it’s no different from betting platforms. With the evolution of technology, the platforms are more streamlined, seamless, easy to access, and use. The secret behind this is the power of digital technology.

The betting firms can study customer behavior and gauge their user-experience. With this information, they come up with ideas to leverage their services or offer more games to satisfy their customer demand. Plus, they provide users fantastic graphics and images that make the games livelier and interesting.

Advantages of Technology in Betting

  • Playing Without Boundaries

The internet has brought betting at home. A few years ago, betting was only available offline, and you couldn’t play till late hours as betting shops would close early. However, with the advancement of technology, things have taken a turn. Players are enjoying the game whenever they want.

  • Access to Betting Options

For a while now, operators have tried to come up with different betting options that you can play in one platform. While many strategies haven’t worked, leveraging on technology has given them the escape route. Today, betting firms offer a range of casino games like poker, roulette, and casino games on the same platform.

  • Social Network and Betting Together

To a gambler, social media and betting apps are similar. That’s why betting firms are trying to incorporate them into one place. With a smartphone in everyone’s hand, it’s the convergence center for two similar industries hence increases user experience.


It’s no doubt that technology has had a significant impact on betting. Surprisingly, that’s not all. The future has more surprises in store. For now, let’s go with the flow and look at where technology is taking us.

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