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How sportsbook websites are built

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You may have noticed that sportsbooks look similar. These websites usually have identical features — what differs is the brand. Why does this happen? Many website owners opt for white label software as a relatively inexpensive way to enter the market. Here is how these systems work.

People who want to launch their own bookie site do not have to develop unique front-end solutions. Instead of this arduous path, they can purchase a ready-made package. Trusted sportsbook software providers offer enhanced convenience and speedy launch.

The concept of white label

White label systems can be bought or leased, and customers can offer them to bettors under their own brands. Hence, the ‘label’ is white, or blank. This eliminates many hurdles in the way of website owners. They do not have to hire a legal team, negotiate with payment systems, or create their own layout. Obviously, the idea appeals to many. Here are 3 key reasons for its growth in recent years.

1.  Fully fledged from the get-go

Such software is provided on a turnkey basis — customers can start making money soon after launch. The platform is already equipped with payment tools, promotional features, etc. All you need is to spread the word.

In comparison, the development of a website from zero is arduous and time-consuming. When companies develop their own front end, they communicate their needs to software developers and graphic designers, monitor their progress, test the system, etc.

2.  Flexible solutions

A white label sportsbook includes all the standard features bettors need, but it is also customizable. As companies grow, their offerings and brand image may evolve. Developers have made the addition and removal of features easy.

For example, a sportsbook owner may decide to add a casino game library. The team will integrate top solutions from Microgaming, NetEnt, or other iGambling giants. This way, the website will attract gamblers as well as bettors.

3.  Licensing is easy

Registration is a hassle for most types of businesses. Sportsbooks are a notable example. Their owners have to deal with massive volumes of paperwork and pay for legal services. This requires time and substantial investment.

In comparison, white-label registration is a breeze. A customer may acquire a license from their technology provider. In the future, they may transition to their own license without changing the software.

The appeal of white label sportsbooks

Undeniably, the system is a win-win for developers and customers. Companies receive a software skeleton they can tailor easily. Developers profit from their software, as website owners recognize the advantages. Of course, this also leads to the emergence of identically looking websites (unless their owners customize them).

One sportsbook may receive thousands of bets across hundreds of games. This hedges risks and boosts revenues. When casino games are added to the mix, the audience grows immensely.

Story by Alexandra Griffin

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