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How soon could you be traveling again?

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While we are waiting for the dust to settle down, most of us are already thinking about potential destinations we could visit once the COVID-19 pandemic has finished. Unfortunately, in the next two years or so, traveling will not look like anything we are used to. Air travel restrictions currently in place have already caused many well-known travel agencies and airlines to shut down permanently, with probably many more to follow. And, as the scientists are doing their best to develop a COVID 19 vaccine, It is challenging to predict what the future will hold.

Although traveling to some countries is permitted, others have put traveling on the back burner. One of those countries is Greece, where tourism has been reduced to a minimum, and travelers need to have a negative molecular test result for COVID-19 to enter the country.

With such restrictions, it is unclear what both weekend getaways and vacations will look like in the future. One thing might be certain, though — airfares will increase due to the competition being weakened, and hotels will likely see fewer guests in the upcoming seasons.

Distant air travel experiences

The airline industry was not quite warmhearted and friendly, to begin with, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has become even more distant and impersonal. If you thought waiting in line at your local supermarket was tiring, wait until you start flying again. In fact, in the UK, a manager at Heathrow airport has noted that queues are expected to be kilometres long and go all around the airport due to social distancing measures.

The situation probably won’t get any better at hotels and restaurants either. Receptionists and hosts are already required to wear masks, and social distancing is obligatory indoors. Although precautionary measures are necessary, the whole experience feels remote. Similarly, prices will go up as these businesses will need to stay afloat amid a global pandemic.


Just over a year ago it was possible to escape your everyday reality with a trip to your favorite vacation spot. However, these days, our reality is the only holiday experience we can have. That’s why staycations have gained popularity over the last couple of months.

Still, staying at home does not necessarily have to be dull, as there are tons of attention-grabbing activities that can make you feel as if you’re having the time of your life. Movies, TV shows, online casino games, and video games are only some forms of entertainment that are a couple of clicks away. All you have to do is stay at home and let your imagination run wild. If you’re looking to evoke a feeling a trip to Las Vegas, have a look at this Queen Vegas no deposit bonus post, bring out the music and snacks, and enjoy your own resort experience at home.

Traveling takes a back seat

Now is not the perfect time for traveling. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry has taken a few steps backward. The UK Google searches for holiday options closer to home have increased, as more people have chosen to stay at home rather than risking traveling anywhere.

People might be hesitant to start traveling again because of all the social distancing requirements airlines are likely to follow. For instance, airplane capacity will be around two-thirds full, which is why seat prices are likely to increase, as the companies will try to avoid the risk of running at a loss. Keeping tickets at lower prices is unfortunately not an option, even if it means losing customers.

Times of cheap flight tickets are long gone, and it will be long before such options become available yet again. Travelers cannot count on cheap traveling package holidays either. This is bound to have a huge impact on the industry, as popular tourist destinations, such as Greece and Turkey, heavily rely on package holidays.

Even slower check-in times

If you thought check-in times will be a bit quicker due to a reduced number of travellers, you’ve been mistaken. In fact, check-in times will take even longer with additional health measures in place.

Security checks already take a lot of time, as security officers want to prevent the passengers from smuggling drugs or carrying dangerous weapons, for example. Now, on top of that, each passenger will need to undergo temperature checks and other superficial health screenings, which will only prolong the waiting time. Not to mention additional procedures for disinfecting passengers.

This manner of traveling is already present in many airports around the world, making the whole flying experience a lot more impersonal and longer than it used to be. Furthermore, many governments around the globe have raised airport taxes in an attempt to boost their nations’ finances. Even though it is understandable to a point, few travellers will be willing to pay extra to travel in such conditions.

For those reasons and many others, people are canceling their vacation and travel plans. The fear of contracting the virus mixed with impersonal treatment, increased taxes, and long waiting hours has put off many experienced and excited travelers.

Future of travel

As you’ve already noticed, traveling won’t be the same, at least for the time being. Even business trips are not immune to the change, as business class seat prices are bound to increase as well, plus, longer travel time is expected. This kind of situation might have severe consequences on smaller businesses and companies.

People visiting their family or friends will probably have a similar experience, as traveling won’t be as easygoing and carefree as it used to be. Not only will travellers need to physically prepare themselves, but they will also need some mental preparation as well.

Lastly, almost all tourist destinations will be affected. Countries that depend on tourism, such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, and others, will experience a huge impact on their economy. Furthermore, many islands around the world are likely to face some grave consequences as well, seeing that island tourism is expected to drop significantly.

Since we are living in such unpredictable times, it is almost impossible to know how the next few years will play out. Now, we can expect to see even more staycations, as regular tourists and explorers will be compelled to stay at home instead of hitting sunny beaches and conquering mountain tops.

If there are still people who are willing to travel or can afford to travel, they should be prepared for long queues and waiting times, higher prices, and cold welcomes from airport staff.

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