How social games help people socialize during COVID-19

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The past year and a half have challenged many people, leaving them stranded in unfamiliar places or quarantined alone at home, lacking necessary social communication. Such situations have turned people to seek social companionship through different sources. One of the most common ways to connect with other people during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is through social games. Online gaming quickly became a standard way to communicate with other people while isolated as it represents a safe way to pass the time while still making connections.

If you’re interested in finding out how social games have helped people navigate the isolating pandemic life, keep reading.

Form of escapism

The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty and anxiety to many people worldwide, forcing them to seek refuge in online games. The ability to find a source of entertainment online allowed them to escape the monotony of isolation and connect with other gamers going through the same situation.

What’s more, online gaming allowed people to form their own way of escapism. Players used social games to create virtual experiences that would then help them make up for real experiences that have been lost due to the pandemic.

Such situations enabled people to turn to possibly unfamiliar social gaming hubs online, like House of Fun: free casino slots & casino games or even video gaming on major platforms.

The growing interest in social gaming has even been evident in online searches with people searching for game apps and best online games 100% more over the last year.

Multiplayer modes

Although some players prefer playing alone, the pandemic has made a lot of them realize the benefits of playing with other people. That’s why social gaming is important — it connects people worldwide with only a few mouse clicks.

Many gaming platforms allow multiplayer modes, subsequently building a community connection that exists beyond the screen for these players. They take it upon themself to build rapport with other players, thus creating friendships that move past their computer screens.

Also, many players might have spent some part of the last 18 months sitting alone at home, but they have not felt lonely. Finding people with similar interests in games like Poker Heat or WoW helped them establish a relationship with their online gaming buddies. At the end of the day, many people have managed, and still do, to make friendships outside of these gaming platforms, moving past being strangers.

Streaming sessions

Streaming has also made its way into gamers’ lives during the COVID-19 spike. Many social gamers have decided to dip their toes into the streaming waters, enabling the industry’s steady rise during the peak of the pandemic.

Naturally, streaming was a part of the gaming industry long before the pandemic hit. However, the worldwide imposed lockdown measures led more gamers to try it out — whether to watch others or stream themselves playing.

There are plenty of platforms that players can turn to, including YouTube and Twitch. Such platforms called for people to stay home with trending hashtags. Many creators took it upon themselves to create a lasting connection with people, helping them survive the lockdowns and quarantines without a physical connection.

This turned out to be another great way for people to socialize during COVID-19. Perhaps unexpectedly, streaming has managed to bring more people closer together, especially those with shared interests.

What to expect in the future

It is hard to predict how the pandemic will unravel in the future, but we can say that social gamers have found their blessing in disguise in the past 18 months. The extra time has allowed them to explore the online world of social gaming, learn how to play new games, and connect with people of different cultures and ages. We can expect that gamers will continue to explore the social gaming world, regardless of the imposed restrictions around them. And why shouldn’t they?

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