How seriously do I have to be injured in order to have a case?

Sometimes, a driver or passenger in a car accident is simply in shock, both physically and psychologically, after the accident, and is unable to articulate or feel the extent of their injuries. So, the seriousness of an individual’s injuries should always be determined by a doctor, and generally, an individual does not have to be seriously injured in a car accident to initiate a claim for medical care or a case for damages.

Most Accidents Hold Some Value

Generally, most accidents, even minor ones, hold some value, and it is in the injured party’s best interest to get evaluated by a physician in order to ensure that unknown injuries that cannot be seen with the naked eye are not present. Often, individuals injured in a minor car accident can utilize the medical care available to them and recover quickly, while still receiving a reasonable amount of compensation for the damages they have incurred.


How Do I Know If I Was Injured in an Accident?

An injured party’s physician will determine the extent of a person’s injuries in multiple ways including evaluating symptomatology, having objective medical tests performed, and performing physical examinations. Each technique used by a physician to gather evidence for a diagnosis is intended to check what an injured party can feel, what the physician can see, and what can only be seen through medical testing such as an MRI. The reason being, some of the most common injuries can only be seen through medical testing.

Whiplash After a Car Accident

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident. Like many other injuries, whiplash is generally diagnosed by physically examining an individual and obtaining medical testing to confirm the the findings of the physical examination. There are varying degrees of severity for whiplash, and depending on the severity of the injury, whiplash can be treated with physical therapy, medication, and injections.

Muscle Aches and Pain After a Car Accident

The impact of a car accident can leave a person’s muscles sore, strained, or even torn. These injuries are not always physically apparent or immediately felt by an injured driver or passenger, but even minor injuries require treatment with a chiropractor or orthopedic specialist. Common forms of treatment for strained muscles include physical therapy, medication, and deep tissue therapy.

Lost Wages Due to Treatment from a Car Accident

Florida law allows for the recovery of economic damages due to a car accident. 60% of lost wages, due to injuries sustained in a car accident, can be collected through a driver’s PIP coverage. The difference between what the driver’s PIP coverage will pay and what the injured driver actually lost in wages can be calculated as damages incurred by the injured driver in a claim against the at-fault party.

Always Consult with a Car Accident Attorney

Regardless of the extent of a person’s injuries in a car accident, it is always advisable to consult legal counsel in order to determine what legal remedies are available and to determine what is in an injured person’s best interest. A car accident attorney in Miami will evaluate the facts of your case, ensure that you are properly evaluated by competent medical professionals, and recoup any losses you are entitled to under law.

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