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How robot vacuums can help fight off your allergies

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From pollen and house dust to pet dander, there are plenty of things going on in your home’s air. So if you have asthma or allergies, you may see yourself with a runny nose all the time or constantly sneezing.

The majority of traditional vacuums cannot trap all those small particles triggering your allergic reactions. For this reason, it’s advisable to invest in a robot vacuum with a HEPA filter that can keep your home dust and pollen-free.

Allergens like pollen will settle in the vacuum’s filter and will not float around in your home again. Hence, the revolutionary cleaning device is an excellent choice for anyone susceptible to dust. It’s not only an investment for your home, but for your health as well.

Is It Worth the Investment?

In comparison to your good old upright vac, a robot vacuum has a higher price tag. Nonetheless, it’s usually worth the extra money since it’ll take care of all the hard work for you and keep your surfaces tidy.

If you want the air in your home fresh and your floors as neat as possible, run your smart gadget to clean every day. You don’t even need to be physically present for your robot to do its chore.

This handy equipment is pretty simple to operate. Simply set it up to your preferred time every day, and it’ll go to work and return to its dock when done or to recharge. The only thing you need to do is to empty its canister every few days or so. Likewise, you need to perform some basic upkeep to your unit once a month.

There are a lot of robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Hence, finding the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. So to shorten your list, check out this review of the best robot floor vacuums for hands-free cleaning.

Advantages of Owning a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum is a superb device to have in your home to keep it free from dust, pollen, and other allergens. Here are some of the top ways how it can help alleviate your allergies:

  • You can schedule your robot to work any time you want, even multiple times a day. This means that you can keep your surfaces completely dust-free every day of the week. Plus, you virtually don’t have to lift a finger.
  • If you prefer, you can schedule the cleaning sessions of your unit or simply start it using an app on your smartphone whenever and wherever you are. Thereby, you can go to the office or watch a movie and it’ll remove all the dust irritating you.
  • Robotic cleaners come with a low-profile built, allowing them to clean and navigate their way under furniture with ease. And we all know that pollen and dust love to settle and collect on these places, which people normally overlook.
  • This type of vacuum has a bagless design, meaning that it will never lose its suction power. As a result, you’ll always achieve a thorough deep-cleaning with every run.
  • Robovacs with HEPA filters are specially designed to eliminate harmful particles from the air. These include mites, pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, and dust. Hence, running this smart gadget is an excellent way to say goodbye to the allergens in your house.

Importance of Robot Vacuums with HEPA Filter?

As you vacuum your space, the air will flow through your unit’s powerhead. That process will deposit the dirt and debris into a dust bag or bin. Then, it’ll flow out of your vac via an exhaust vent, which you can typically find under or in the back of your unit. If your vacuum doesn’t have superb filtration, bacteria, dander, and all other allergens will simply flow right out and back in your home’s air.

So if you’re on the market for the best robot vacuum cleaner to help ward off your allergies, consider those with a HEPA filter. A robovac with HEPA filter or High-Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter can trap 99% of allergens from the air in a room. That means that it can help to keep various respiratory illnesses under control, including chronic pulmonary disease and asthma.

With its ability to capture particles, any vacuum with this type of filter is a big plus. Additionally, it can trap pet hair and dander, which tends to settle in the fibers of your carpet. A regular vacuum with no HEPA filter can discharge particles for up to 50 microns. But a robotic vacuum with a true HEPA filter can get rid of the smallest of particles from your carpet.

Whether you own a pet or not, it’s always a good decision to purchase a robovac supplied with a HEPA filter. It will provide your space with a filtration level similar to what most air purifiers use. Thereby, this will ensure that the air quality in your home is healthy since it’ll keep dangerous contaminants not only out of the air but also off your floorings.

However, keep in mind that you need to thoroughly clean the filter frequently to get the most out if. Moreover, you need to replace it with a new one over time.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Robotic Vacuum

Type of surface

The types of surfaces you plan on vacuuming with your robot is very crucial. This is because while some models can handle both soft and hard floors, some are specifically designed for hard floors alone. Likewise, some units do not work well at cleaning certain types of hard floors or thick soft floors, even if they’re meant for both.

For this reason, it’s vital to consider the surfaces in your home and do a bit of research first before making any purchase.


One of the best things about a robot vacuum is the convenience it offers since it automates the vacuuming process. Many features make a robot handy, and each of them serves a different purpose.

On top of the list and the most common one is its smartphone function. This feature allows you to use your gadgets to access your device. With it, you can turn your robot on or off, change its cleaning mode, command it to recharge, tweak its settings, and more.

You can also find robots that can map out the rooms in your house using their sensors. This will give you the option to pick specific areas or rooms you want your unit to take care, along with when you want it to clean.

There’s a wide array of convenient features available. However, these two are the most significant. So when searching for the right robovac for your home, make sure you already have an idea of the features you’re after.

Battery life

The majority of robovacs have a charging station or dock. When your robot runs out of battery while performing its job, it’ll go back to its dock to recharge. Then, it will continue vacuuming where it left off.

But the drawback here is that it’ll take 2 to 3 times the run time of your unit for it to charge up. So if your robot can clean for one hour, it’ll take 2 to 3 hours for it to recharge and go back to work.

Hence, if you want everything taken care of quickly, choose a robot cleaner with a longer battery life. Preferably something that can run at least 1 hour and 30 minutes or more. If this is not a problem, then there’s no need to think much of it.

Navigation and mapping

Even the most advanced robots can’t navigate its way around multiple rooms. Nonetheless, some companies have two versions from a line with one model that can navigate various rooms. Most will include this feature. If the model you’re eyeing doesn’t have it, you’ll have to place it manually in every room you want the unit to vacuum.

There are also those models that can create barriers or markers. This is not a common feature but pretty useful if you have certain areas in your house you don’t want your robot entering like the playroom of your children.


The technology of robotic vacuum cleaners is not yet perfect and as efficient as you’d want it to be. Some robots tend to be a bit louder than others. That’s why if you’ll be home a lot when it’s running, consider opting for a quieter one.

But if the sound will not truly bother you, then you may want to consider the much louder models. Besides, these are often more powerful and affordable.


Convenience does not come cheap. Still, robot vacuums come in a wide range of price tags, and you’ll find a cheap model that can meet your budget. Additionally, it’ll be helpful if you already have an idea of the features you want from the get-go.

However, get ready to spend a bit more for features like smart mapping and plenty of suction power. Robots with these innovations will set you back at least $500. In comparison, a nice, basic unit with a HEPA filter that can take care of simple cleaning will only slash around $150 off of your budget or even less.

The key here is recognizing what you want to get out of your robotic vacuum, see how much the extra features will cost, and then build your budget around it. But make sure to only go for features that you’ll truly benefit from, not just because you like the idea of it.

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