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How QR codes help people adjust with the new normal living setup

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As we are currently fighting an invisible foe, COVID-19, crippling the economy is not an option that countries need to make. Because of that, the new normal living setup emerges where most transactions are made online or in a socially distancing manner.

But as implementing an immediate change to millions of citizens in a country is hard to achieve, how does their use of QR codes help people adjust to the new normal living setup?

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, various measures of virus containment are tested and implemented. But every time test out a new preventive COVID-19 measure, they are increasing the setbacks they are currently experiencing. Thus, increasing the COVID-19 cases recorded while finding a definitive plan for containment.

Due to this problem, tech-driven individuals seek the use of a two-and-a-half decade-year-old wireless technology, QR codes, and deploy them immediately in the new normal living setup.

How QR codes help people adjust with the new normal living setup

With the immediate actions the authorities implement to lessen the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the use of QR codes made the new normal living transition easy and convenient for all.

Through the help of the QR code generator with logo they partner with, the QR codes have successfully helped people adjust to the new normal living setup.

To see proof of their seamless adjustments, here are some new normal means that people employed with the use of QR codes.

Contactless restaurant operations

Since restaurants are one of the most affected industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, the struggle restaurateurs get from mitigating the spread of the virus is extreme. Because of that, the problem securing the customers and staff’s security while operating during that time occurs.

As trying out disposable menus is no good for the environment and business, tech-driven restaurateurs stumble upon the use of a menu QR code to store their menus and let their customers scan and order from their smartphones.

New normal payment mode

As paying in cash is seen as a factor in the faster spread of the COVID-19 virus in the first few months of the outbreak, many establishments are shifting their means in accepting payments in a touchless manner.

Because of that, people are enforced to use digital wallets such as PayPal, Venmo and more to make wireless purchases online. With PayPal integrating the use of QR codes to create a smooth fund transfer between two accounts, the new normal payment mode is established.

Touchless contact tracing

During the first critical months of the COVID-19 outbreak, authorities and health care personnel were struggling to create a plan in doing contact tracing measures without getting infected. And with wearing protection while doing a contact tracing visit is can be costly, the use of QR codes for contactless contact tracing becomes their main safe tool up to date.

As wearing protective gear while visiting possible cases increases their expenses, the use of contactless contact tracing measures was adopted. Since then, contact tracers are urging their citizens to fill up a digital contact tracing form from scanning the QR code they are given.

Everything virtual

For people to continue their life with the new normal life, various work and recreation means are elevated. With digitalization as one of many businesses’ options in keeping work and recreation alive for some, doing things virtually becomes the central them of the new normal setup.

And for them to successfully adapt to the virtual culture they are facing, people are integrating the use of QR codes in tasks that can be applied to the virtual world. Tasks like letting people watch a video easily, sharing PDF files instantly, and more. Because of that, QR codes in the new normal setup are applied to every virtual task that they can think of.


It’s no secret that COVID-19 fastens our transition towards digitalization in the form of a new normal setup. With the help of QR codes in making their adjustments easy, the complicated task in digitalization is eradicated and replaced by just doing one snap of the code and view the data it displays.

And when trying out how to make a QR code for your new normal needs, you can always rely on the use of a QR code generator like QRTiger.

Story by Muhammad Danish

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