How online ludo changed the gaming industry during COVID

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Ludo, although a board game, is now considered to be one of the top online games that are played by thousands of players each day from around the world. There are many reasons Ludo has become such a popular game and the fact that it is an entertaining way to spend your time, most people just love playing this game. Ludo is a simple and easy game, anyone can understand this game in just a few minutes. It is that simple but it requires proper skills and strategies to win the game along with your luck. If you have both the skills and luck on your side then you can easily beat anyone in a game of Ludo.

The current version of Ludo is far different from the original Ludo board game. Over the years, the players have been making different changes to the game, to make the gameplay easier and perfect the game. After several years and changes, the players have finally made peace with the current version of Ludo, and the players after making several changes to the game seem to have perfected the game.

The online version of Ludo has become so popular and the main reason behind it was that during the pandemic, it allowed people to stay at home, play the game with their friends and not get bored. Ludo managed to get maximum players on board during the pandemic because the people had nothing to do during those days and there needed to be some way through which they could stay in touch with their friends and also get entertained at the same time.

Even after the pandemic, the players still play the online version of Ludo and it has become so popular in many subcontinent countries like Pakistan and India and even in Florida, the University of Central Florida held online Ludo Events to help the students during the pandemic.  Let’s have a closer look at How Online Ludo changed Gaming Industry during COVID:

Perfectly developed

Initially, Ludo was a board game and it wasn’t very popular online but kudos to the developers who did a great job of creating an online mobile version of Ludo and perfectly implemented every aspect of the game into the online mobile version which the players loved and accepted with wholeheartedness.

Players loved this concept of being able to play their favorite game online with their friends and during the pandemic, it helped people get through a tough time and they used to play this game with their friends online and have an entertaining time with them. Online Version of Ludo managed to keep people occupied for hours when they had nothing to do and they were able to play their favorite board game with their friends to have a great time.

Multiplayer mode to play with friends

One of the best things about the online version of the Ludo is that you can play it not only with random opponents from around the world but you can also play it with your friends and family members. Reasons like these have managed to make Ludo one of the most popular and top-grossing board games in the World during the pandemic. On the online version of Ludo, the players can play with 2-4 opponents at a time and it can be either their friends, family members, or random opponents.

This can not only improve the player’s performance and help them get a better grasp over the game manuals but the feature that you can play with your friend is such a great one. You can team up with your friend in a team of 2 and play against 2 of your other friends and when you beat your friend in the game then you will also get the bragging rights over them which makes this so much fun and brings healthy competition to the table.

Teaches various life lessons

Another reason why this game became so popular among the players during the pandemic is that it teaches various life lessons. The fact that it teaches you not to give up in any circumstance and be ready for any unpredictable outcome at any given time is so much helpful in real life. Plus, by playing the game, you also have to be smart and always think ahead of your opponent, and plan your future moves. This mindset is exactly what most people needed during the pandemic to cope with the hard times.

Plus, it teaches you another thing that you cannot win a game of Ludo by depending completely on either luck or skill. If you have luck on your side but you don’t have the skillset then you won’t be able to beat your opponents and likewise, if you have the skillset but don’t have luck on your side then the result will also be the same. You need to have both luck and skill on your side to win at Ludo.

You can also try out other games such as Lottery Sambad, Kerala State Lottery and see if the luck is on your side or not.

These are some of the reasons that explain how Ludo became such a popular game during the Pandemic and how it managed to keep many friends together online and even after the pandemic, the game is still very popular among the players and they love to play their favorite game everyday with their friends.

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