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How online casinos can manipulate their customers

Online casinos
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Online casinos are a big industry. They give people the chance to play classic casino games without leaving the comfort of their own home, and they continue to grow. New games, new innovations, and new themes keep bringing customers back to their favorite mobile casino platforms.

But there are ways that users can be manipulated, and it’s important to understand the limitations and catches that come with playing on these websites. While the gambling industry is entirely transparent and players understand that they are always playing with the chance of losing, there are two important things to remember when playing these games online.

You Can’t Count Cards Online

In traditional casinos, some players attempt to count cards and increase their chances of winning. It’s an old technique and one that casinos obviously don’t like. However, with online games, it works a little differently. Once you know how to count cards it’s fairly easy to do, which is why online casinos take steps to ensure you can’t do it.

According to Bogdan Cazino, the method only works when the deck isn’t shuffled after every hand. It is a method that depends on the deck staying as it is every time. However, the very nature of random number generators means that every hand starts with a brand new shuffle.

Computer programs are designed to get rid of the quirks of land-based casino games, and whenever you play these games online, you’ll find it completely impossible to count cards and cheat the system. Some see this as a way in which casinos manipulate their customers, but in reality, it’s about preserving the integrity of the game. You just need to make sure you’re aware of it before you go ahead and try to do it!

You can’t beat this by playing live casino games online, either. Even though the cards are dealt by a real dealer, and shown on a live stream, the cards are still shuffled after every hand.

Casino Bonuses Come with a Catch

When you first sign up to play games on an online casino, you’ll likely be pulled in by the amazing offers made available to you. Typically these include signup bonuses, free spins, matched deposits, and more. They give you a reason to jump headfirst into the casino gaming experience and are geared towards ensuring that you spend more money on the platform in a shorter period of time.

While these bonuses can definitely be used to your advantage if you’re unfamiliar with how the system works then it’s possible that you might see it as somewhat manipulative.

When you sign up, you will typically be given free money to play with on the website. That money appears in your account but cannot be withdrawn, and you’ll be told which games you can use it with. In many instances, when you deposit a certain amount of your own cash into the casino account, that number will be matched. So, for instance, a casino might offer a 100% matching bonus worth up to $300. That means when you put down an initial deposit of $100, you will be given a full bankroll of $200. You can exploit this promotion up to the value of $300.

This gives you more money to play with on the site and is advantageous if you genuinely intend to play lots of games – but if you’re looking to cash out as much as you can as quickly as you can, then all is not quite as it seems.

In the early days of casino bonuses, wagering requirements did not exist – or were extremely small. That meant you didn’t have to wage very much in order to withdraw any winnings you make by using the free cash you’re given upon sign up. These days, however, casinos will impose strict wagering requirements that mean you have to continue making deposits, sometimes in quite large amounts, before you are able to withdraw any winnings you make from the promotional deal.

In many instances, a wagering requirement might be as high as 15X your deposit bonus. That means, if you were given a $100 bonus, you will need to deposit $1,500 before you are able to cash out any winnings you make from the deal.

Be Smart and Play Responsibly

Casinos are always looking for new ways to bring in new customers, and for ways to maximize their winnings – but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. There are ways to maximize your potential when playing online casino games, from choosing the games with the lowest House Edge, to thinking strategically and managing your money properly.

Be smart and you can overcome these challenges, enjoy amazing casino games, and avoid the common pitfalls of the average casino gamer. Know the system, and you can succeed.

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