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How much is Brazilian laser hair removal?

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Getting rid of unwanted hair is an ongoing process for many people and permanent hair removal becomes an attractive option. Removing hair from the bikini region can be safe, effective, permanent, and relatively painless with the right solution. This article aims to answer some common questions about Brazilian laser hair removal, including the process, the price, and what the experience is like.

Understanding the process

Before we get into the Brazilian part, the first step is to understand the process of laser hair removal. Laser treatment is a technique that provides an effective solution for unwanted hair. It is a cosmetic process that targets the hair follicle directly, a part of the hair that you simply cannot reach using standard procedures like epilators and waxing.

The process involves the use of highly focused lasers that target the hair follicle in pulses. The lasers are also attracted to the melanin in your hair which allows for even more precise treatment. The target is to disable the follicles directly since they are responsible for the regrowth of hair, thereby making it impossible for the unwanted hair to grow again.

The Brazilian part

You must have heard the term “laser hair removal” a thousand times, so what it is exactly that makes it Brazilian? Well, in the simplest terms, a Brazilian hair removal treatment removes all the hair around your genitals and buttocks, every single one. The purpose is to make sure that no matter how thin your bikini gets you will never have to worry about any hair peeking out.

Is it painful?

Whenever it comes to removing body hair, the most obvious question is if the process is painful. In this case, you would be delighted to hear that the process is quite easy to bear and for most people, it is the same sensation you would get if a rubber band snaps on your skin. This can be aided further by using a numbing cream or cooling gel.

However, once you are done with the process, you get to enjoy clean-looking skin with no aftereffects like an ingrown hair. In addition, you will also be free from regular hair removal sessions. There is no chance of getting cuts from shaving or burns from using wax products.

What are the costs?

The price for this process varies quite a lot, depending on different factors. The Brazilian laser hair removal cost could be anywhere between $150-$300 per session. However, you need to go for multiple sessions, up to six in most cases, which would bring your total cost to anywhere between $900-$1800. However, you can also find good deals sometimes which can bring down your cost quite significantly. Make sure you do some digging for deals and a high-quality salon before you commit yourself to the treatment.


The simple fact of the matter is that laser hair removal is a great treatment. And if you want to make sure your private areas look spotless and ready for the beach then a Brazilian laser hair removal is ideal.

Story by Alex Hamilton

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