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How microlearning helps to overcome corporate training challenges

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To stay competitive in modern life today, businesses need to adapt quickly and upskill staff to move with the times. However, the cost in time and money for staff to attend training sessions and lengthy seminars offsite is becoming less and less feasible. Many companies prefer in-house training and microlearning is being seen as one of the most useful methods to incorporate into corporate training.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is an online learning approach that trains people via small, easy to grasp learning modules. These “information nuggets” form into standalone modules. Each module is less than 10 minutes and comprehensively addresses one learning objective.

Its compact and manageable format helps increase learning and retention. It uses a variety of tools such as interactive content, infographics, animations and explainer videos, webcasts and podcasts, flipbooks and mini-tests to make learning more interesting and engaging.

You can use HR Softwares that offer digitized custom micro-learning journeys to make learning more convenient and engaging, allowing for a higher participation rate from employees.The online format means it’s highly adaptable to be accessed via a variety of devices so staff may learn remotely and on-the-go, such as on the train while commuting, their lunch break or even after hours.

Microlearning is a viable approach

Microlearning is a highly optimized information delivery methodology. Research has found that humans are better able to grasp, retain and use knowledge easily if it is repeated over time, at spaced intervals, therefore enhancing information retrieval and memory.

Content modules that are highly technical might require extensive training, and microlearning is a good way to introduce complex concepts in short, manageable modules and then later ask learners to revise key points.

Compact learning is an excellent technique for staff members who need to be onboarded swiftly for a new product/service, technology or just to onboard new employees. With microlearning, training modules can be quickly created, sent out and utilized, so that productivity of the business will not be slowed down in any way.

When used in conjunction with other learning strategies, microlearning can contribute to a smarter learning workplace environment, along with reducing training time and costs, without compromising on the relevance and value of the training.

More flexibility

Microlearning offers more flexibility than traditional methods of training. With diminishing attention spans, due to the fast-paced Internet society we now live in, microlearning delivers information in chunks and small snippets and is one of the best ways to consume information in an efficient way while reducing boredom.

It addresses millennials’ needs to progress in their careers quickly and their diminished attention-spans while encouraging better engagement in professional development overall.

It also offers personalized tailored content and recommended modules, for more self-directed learning at one’s own pace that they may access at their leisure on their device of choice. Human resource managers can monitor interaction and performance so they may regard and nurture the talents of their staff.

Microlearning is one of the most useful methods to incorporate into corporate training because it is highly customizable, easily consumable and contributing to better engagement. By staggering learning into snackable mini-units of information, it ensures better knowledge retention and applications, and therefore, a smarter workplace environment.

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