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How media training prepares you for the camera?

media trainingMedia attention can be a game changer for anyone, it changes your social dynamic, but it’s up to you whether you let this chance make or break you. Following, we are giving you some basic tips to help you survive.

Prep Work

It doesn’t matter if you have a pre-recorded telephone interview, or you have to appear on live television, you will need to work on your appearance for the camera. So, get clear about the subject, and learn the key points you want to convey in your message.

Try to understand the audience and design the message accordingly. Stay up to date with current trends and know the ongoing news agenda to answer difficult questions. Ask who will interview you and whether you will appear with any guest or not. You can research backgrounds and check producer with the job title and company name.

Work on Your Presentation

Wear something comfortable, yet stylish. Don’t experiment, and avoid loud elements.  Opt for a complimentary tone, and wear something simple. Don’t go overboard with jewellery or revealing clothing. When you sit, cross your legs instead of knees.

Be Confident

Appear confident even if you are losing havoc inside. No one will believe anything you say if you don’t appear confident. Your breath and speak rate needs to be steady and calm, so take your time to think about what you say. This will help you avoid stuttering with ahs, and ums.

Don’t interrupt the presenter and other guests. Wait for your turn, and stay still, never make a sudden move. Hand Gestures help you make your point clear but don’t use them too excessively. These are some basic things you learn about Media Training.

Also, don’t get overconfident, the camera and mic will still work even after the interview is finished? Most of the politicians were caught like this. So smile, and be yourself.

Be Punctual

Schedule time, you need time to prep yourself, don’t overlook it. So set a schedule and try to be in the studio ahead of time. Never be hesitant to ask for a few tips and details like where the camera will be put. Ask where the restroom is and have a glass of water nearby you. You will need it in case your mouth gets dry.


Get over this fact; you can’t substitute years of media training with what we just said No, therefore you should take invest in a professional trainer to help you survive the interview. Media Training covers such issues where you can practice and learn from your mistake.

Maintain Control

You have to maintain control of the conversation; you need to maintain control of the conversation by sticking to the topic. Yes, don’t go off topic despite whatever the host tries. This is very common in TV shows.

Stick to the topic and convey your message. Be careful with your words and use statements as

  • I can’t answer that, but what I know is
  • That is incorrect, let me explain
  • Yes, but importantly

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