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How long before you start feeling the effects of CBD in your body?

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When it comes to medication, people always want to know how long they need to wait before they start seeing results.

And CBD is no different.

Nowadays, I come across people asking me questions like “If I take drops of CBD oil for my backache, how long before I notice a difference?” One particular lady was so straight-to-the-point with me when she asked that “Can CBD oil cure my banging head in less than one hour”?

I believe you too must have been wondering how long it takes CBD to be effective in the body. But the truth is, there’s no straight answer to the question. One user might take CBD for their headache and get cured in less than 10 minutes, and another might use it and not feel any difference until the second or third hour after usage.

In other words, CBD works differently for everybody.

Why does CBD work differently for everybody?

  • Difference in delivery method: The way we use CBD differs from individual to individual. While some users might shop on Gold Bee’s CBD products to buy CBD oil, others might shop for CBD As it is, those who use CBD oil tend to feel the compound’s effects faster than those who eat edibles. So, if you’ve eaten CBD gummy, it might take a while before you feel the effects of the compound (roughly 2 hours) as compared to someone who has used CBD oil.
  • Difference in body metabolism: I bet you know our biological organs don’t always break things down the same way. Some people have ultra-fast metabolic rate, while some others have slow metabolic rate. This is usually a result of each individual’s weight and body mass index (BMI). People who weigh more tend to have more fat cells, which means they can absorb and store more CBD. So, by definition, heavier people with more fat will get prolonged effects of CBD.
  • Difference in the strength of our biological organs: If your gut, liver, and other digestive organs aren’t functioning at the levels expected of them, you may have a slow reaction to CBD So, if you notice two people aren’t reacting similarly to CBD, it could be because one of them has issues with their digestive system.
  • Difference in Dosage: How much CBD you take can also have an impact on how your body reacts to the compound. Logically, the chances are that someone who’s consumed 25 mg of CBD in one dose will feel the compound’s effects faster than someone who’s taken just 10 mg. This is particularly true for oral users. When you take CBD orally (edibles, capsules, or oils), the compound is first taken through your digestive tracts before it’s been released into your bloodstream, and then into the target areas. As the compound is moved from one part of the digestive tract to the other, it is broken down into both usable and unusable substances. In the end, only the usable part gets sent into the bloodstream, and the non-usable part is disposed of. Ultimately, it’s the amount of dosage you’ve had that will determine the ratio of usable and unusable components you have in your body, and that’s what will finally determine how much useful CBD your body gets to use.
  • Difference in the potency and quality of products consumed: CBD is generally extracted from hemp or marijuana strains of cannabis. However, the CBD composition of each of these species’ strains is different. For example, some strains contain up to 20% CBD like the “Lifter” strain, and there are others that contain a meager amount of CBD. If a hemp strain that’s not so rich in active CBD has been used in the formulation of your CBD products, you may not have too much bioavailable CBD in your oil or gummy.

This is why it’s always recommended that users get all their CBD products from vendors that are renowned for delivering strictly potent products.

Remember, the more potent a product is, the faster you’ll feel its effects on your body.

A general perspective: How long does CBD take to work in the body?

All things being equal, it generally takes users 1-6 hours before they start feeling the therapeutic benefits of CBD, although brands like Gold Bee have come up with unique formulations that give faster effects. Gold Bee’s formulations can deliver their effects in as little as less than 20 to 30 minutes.

Story by Uday Tank

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