How live and on-demand video tours of luxury homes can help

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Many real estate agencies have embraced the future. Luxury homes are at an all-time high, and there are many benefits to owning a luxury home. Live videos are another great benefit that you can take advantage of. You can see each room precisely the way it is, and in new areas, you have the real estate agent walking you through the house without you having to be there. That is perfect for busy couples, professionals, and people who are digitally fixated. Because more of the population is becoming digital, real estate agents have been moving with the times and showcasing videos that allow you to see the homes at their best.

Benefits of a luxury home

Many benefits accompany purchasing a luxury home, but one of the significant options is having a more incredible experience with the community. Because luxury homes are usually in development, there are amenities that you can have that other homes will not experience. Examples include central areas with barbecues and picnic tables under beautiful verandas and pools or lakes. With these amenities, you can swim, water-ski, and go on a boat with your family to create beautiful memories. In other areas, you can hike, bike, explore, and you have gated places where you can play sports and spend time with others in the community.

Luxury homes also have the best locations possible. Many have a serene atmosphere and are located within suburbs or in rural estate areas. These areas are located outside of cities and offer spacious living with no neighbors around you. If you do have neighbors, they are few and far between. These houses are made for the most comfortable living possible and ensure that you live a relaxed and soothing life. Luxury homes have a goal of giving you the best lifestyle possible.

Videos let you see the best in luxury homes for sale

Luxury Homes for Sale offer a variety of benefits that you can use and using live video, or 3D tours is one of the best options that real estate agents are using for their help. Showing a home to potential owners in person does have significant advantages. However, a virtual tour offers excellent benefits as well. With a virtual tour, you avoid anxieties and issues and avoid stress about getting sick with the pandemic.

With live video and 3D tours, you get an authentic and innovative solution. You get an immersive experience with sound effects, computer, and mobile structure and flexibility, as well as interactive information that lets you see what you need to see. In addition to that, the live videos allow you to interact with the agent and enable you to click on property features.

Of the best benefits, however, is that you avoid someone driving miles to see the house and then hating it. This option saves time, money, and effort by letting them see everything they need before leaving their home. This way, if they don’t like the area or what they know, they didn’t waste your time, and you didn’t waste theirs.

How using video helps the agents

Video marketing doesn’t just help potential buyers; they also help the agent themselves. It is much easier to show how spacious a home is; it is more accessible to video messages about the house, and buyers are 50% more likely to respond when they see these options. Videos can also be shared repeatedly, which offers you the chance to gain more clientele in a much shorter time. However, the best part is that you get to resolve any issues much more quickly, and you have the option of letting buyers have a more personal connection.

Videos can promote the safety

Another area the real estate agent will be familiar with is showcasing the safety of the home. One of the best things that people choose to buy a luxury home is the security that comes with it. In over fifty percent of luxury homes, there is a security system or security personnel who can go with the house. Another area that the videos can highlight is in the vicinity of the hospitals. Most luxury homes are close to the leading hospitals in the area, making people more interested in a home.

The different videos that clients can benefit from

An excellent real estate agent will offer you more than one type of video for clientele to utilize. In addition to the property videos, they will have videos that they have placed on their social media, walkthrough videos, live videos where you can ask the agent anything they need, and videos on their social media pages. These videos are put in place on professional sites to help clients find the best homes possible, and without the videos, it is much harder for agents to engage their clients. Using these tools can help clients understand the process of getting home much more straightforward. If you cannot find an agent that has each of these videos on their pages, you need to move on and find another one instead, as it will save you hassle and frustration.

Neighborhood video tours

Neighborhood video tours are a great option to take because you will be able to see the property in many cases, but not the surrounding areas. A client that wants to buy a luxury home will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. They will want to know what the surrounding neighborhood looks like. In many cases, people buy luxury homes to get away from people and be independent. If that is the case, having a busy and lively neighborhood will be what they want to avoid. Seeing the community in advice can make or break a sale, and it is an excellent option for real estate agents to add to their arsenal. Those that have already put these tools in place have experienced a greater level of success.

The environment and the lifestyle

In addition to showcasing the neighborhood, a video should show the lifestyle of the area and the amenities that make up a luxury home. Examples include the comfort, the kitchens, the electronic systems in place, and exercise areas. Another important aspect is that these homes have the convenience of providing clients the best site to raise children. Various cultures and beliefs are in place, and you can open yourself to an entirely different world by living in an area with these beautiful homes.

Live videos ensure a better connection

Live videos are made to ensure that your buyer can ask anything they want and need without any issues. You can hold a live session on your social media, or you can have a one on one with the client. Many enjoy both options because you get a group of people asking questions in a live session on social media. Clients like that because if they can’t think of a question, someone else will likely think of it for them. It creates a better environment and connection between the clientele and the agents.

An agent can show you the value

When someone buys a luxury home, there are many cases where they will not stay there forever. While many people do, others want to flip the house or live there for a while before moving on. Because of these facts, a proper agent should increase the demand for the properties and showcase the investment details and how it gains value. That will also be an encouragement to them to buy the home.

Using the proper follow up methods

When a real estate agent wants to follow up with an email, they are doing the worst thing they can do for themselves. Emails run cold, and many of the younger audience buying homes won’t respond to one. Instead of emailing, they need to utilize video. Videos are considered a warm option. The tools are made to encourage people to reach out to the agents, and it makes the approach more personable. As a result, potential clients are over four times as likely to respond. The clients see that the agent took the time to engage them correctly and is extending effort. As a result, they will exude the same action.

In addition to the effort, the video will also highlight the benefits of the properties. The potential buyer can see everything once again and watch while they make their final decision.

Video tours are the future

Because people don’t like wasting time and money, having the option of video tours will be able to sell the luxury homes that you want to have people moving into. Using creativity and innovation, you can guarantee that clients will love seeing these homes through a live video. Younger buyers especially are highly interested in this type of creativity and are 80% more likely to buy a home if they can watch videos about it first. Using video is the way of the future, and embracing it means everyone can see the true beauty of these homes.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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