How juice improves the performance of athletes

sportsAthletes need more energy than an average person because they use more energy when playing or during work out sessions. Therefore, they need to have an adequate amount of energy by consuming fruits and vegetables. So, one way to consume the two at a go is by juicing which saves time by blending together all the important nutrients needed by the athlete. Fiber is an important product in a diet, but some of it is insoluble which prevents the body from completely absorbing important nutrients. The juicing which involves converting fruits and vegetables into liquid, removes the insoluble fiber and thus the juice is easily digestible. Some of the important juices for athletes that play an important role in their health and performance in their career include:

Beet Juice

During a workout, physical fitness, and stamina are achieved when the circulatory and respiratory systems supply oxygen to the working muscles throughout the whole workout session. Nitric oxide is an important compound in this process as it increases cardiorespiratory performance and thus improves muscle functioning. Nitric oxide can be obtained in sufficient amounts in beet juice.

Nitric oxide opens up blood vessels by increasing blood flow and thus taking more oxygen to the active muscles. Moreover, Nitric oxide also signals molecule communication between the tissues and cells of a person and thus the communication leads to more blood flow and sufficient oxygen supply. Many athletes have shown a performance improvement of up to 16% by taking beet juice.

Tomato Juice

It is important for athletes to work out as it improves their physical fitness and performance. However, many athletes encounter post work out pain which includes fatigue and muscle pain. Fortunately, clinical research shows that taking tomato juice before workout sessions helps prevents muscle pain and fatigue which is mostly experienced in the next morning. Work out leads to stress on the muscle tissues, the central nervous system, and the cells. The stress is dependent on the exercise and thus strenuous exercises cause much fatigue and pain.

The pain is a result of oxidative stress which is a result of physical force which leads to imbalance and distorting the normal body functioning.  Tomato juice helps to control oxidative stress which helps the athlete workout and not experience muscle pain. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an essential antioxidant which reduces the harmful chemicals that cause oxidative stress and thus improves the health fitness of the athlete.

Carrot Juice

Carrots offer adequate energy to the athlete in the form of carbohydrates. They naturally fight inflammation and any muscle damage and swelling in the body. Moreover, carrots contain Vitamin A which improves vision. Most athletes work out at night probably after a whole day of meetings. Therefore, with improved eyesight, an athlete can practice during the night and have a productive work out session. Carrots contain potassium which helps to balance sodium and electrolyte levels of the body. Athletes constantly sweat and thus dehydrate thus losing electrolytes. Consuming carrots’ juice helps provides the vital electrolytes which keeps the athletes working out for a longer period.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is filled with immune system-boosting vitamin C and phytonutrients which improve cell functioning during exercise. One glass of orange juice in the morning is enough to provide the adequate immune protection for the athlete. Moreover, the phytonutrients in orange juice can prevent cancer and heart diseases. They can also improve learning and brain function and thus make an athlete sharp during the game.


Cucumber is one of the most refreshing vegetables which have incredible cooling effects. When working out, athletes sweat and thus lose important electrolytes which play a major role in regulating fluids in the body. Drinking cucumber juice before practice helps an athlete to stay hydrated when sweating and thus can go for more hours working out time. Cucumber is accessible easily thus all athletes should consider consuming its juice before kicking off any workout routine. Research shows that many athletes who drink cucumber juice go for hours working out without getting tired as opposed to other athletes who feel dehydrated from sweating and thus get tired faster. Therefore, cucumber should be as essential to any athlete as water, workout costume, or shoes.

After learning the importance of the different juices in your body as an athlete, do not fear to mix it up. Mix all the important vegetables and fruits at once and get all the important nutrients in the body. Find your health preference and taste and then choose the best vegetables or fruits combination that works for you to blend every morning as it will help improve your health and physical performance. It is possible to obtain all the nutrients in vegetables and fruits in one glass by juicing. Many athletes have attested to have improved in their performance and efficiency in their teams by simply juicing.

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