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How is CBD oil being used in food industry?

cbd oil
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a health-oriented derivative found in hemp and marijuana plants. Since 2018, the cannabis food industry is on a roll. Now, before you jump to the conclusion, CBD oil is made from cannabinoids derived from hemp.

This means that the oil has less than .3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration, which makes it a non-psychoactive product. Moreover, CBD oil has proven to have many health benefits, including treatment of insomnia, anxiety, depression, inflammation, seizures, chronic pain, and epilepsy. So, yes, this isn’t a surprise to know that CBD is on its way to become a significant product of USA’s food and drink industry.

Why is CBD oil becoming a popular food ingredient?

CBD Oil is the latest craze in the US food industry. As per the recent studies, CBD helps in improving emotional and mental health, decreases inflammation and is an effective anxiety-reducing drug.

There are many therapeutic uses of this compound, and the same is being found in various foods and beverages in the industry, such as chocolate bars, doughnuts, gummies, cold coffees, teas, milkshakes, etc.

Many restaurants across the nation have introduced CBD-infused food and drinks.

In fact, the growth of CBD oil has been such that by 2024, the CBD, market in the US is expected to grow by $22 billion.

One of the hottest food trends of 2019, CBD products are generally created in four main steps-

  • The raw material is cultivated or harvested. Even though it’s a naturally-occurring compound, it needs to be purchased from the market to have an assured quality.
  • If you are cultivating the hemp plant yourself, then you need to extract the oil from it. There are a variety of methods to extract the oil. However, if you aren’t a professional, then it is recommended to outsource the process to an extraction company.
  • After extraction, the oil can be infused in definite concentration in a variety of food and beverages.

The main reason that CBD oil is because of the broad range of health benefits it provides –relaxation, appetite stimulation, treatment of glaucoma, high blood pressure, muscle spasms, acne, Parkinson’s disease and anorexia, withdrawal from drug addiction, and pain relief . These are only a handful of health problems that are believed to be cured by CBD oil. Recently, research carried out by scientists at the Harvard University discovered that FBL-03 G-a “non-cannabinoid, non-psychoactive marijuana derivative”-has “important potential for treatment” for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. With such health revelations, there is no doubt about the CBD oil will be touted as the top food ingredient in the USA.

Is CBD-infused food legal?

Currently, the legal status of CBD-infused food is a bit unclear. Even so, CBD derived from hemp is legal on a federal level in the USA. However, CBD derived from cannabis is still illegal in many states of the country.

The 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD from the federal Controlled Substances Act. However, the same is now governed under Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA still prohibits the use of CBD in food and beverages. Even though, the use of CBD in food is dangling in a gray area, the consumption of CBD oil in the USA is increasing at a dramatic rate.

The states where CBD is legal can incorporate CBD oil in food and beverages. In some states, the sale of CBD-infused food and drinks is licensed, even though the sales of the same are a violation of FDA regulations. As per Consumer Reports, there are more than 100 CBD-infused products are now available for sale through dispensaries, restaurants and cafés, but there is no definite law to regulate the same.  In a nutshell, FDA hasn’t approved any CBD edibles as yet, apart from the epilepsy drug called Epidiolex.

Things to keep in mind when infusing CBD-oil in food

  1. Use only high quality CBD-oil –To get your hands on a good quality CBD-oil, you must buy the same from a reputed store or company.
  2. CBD mixes too well with fat –Use an oil-based ingredient, such as butter, ghee, or coconut oil with CBD to blend it well enough to increase its bioavailability and maximize the benefits.
  3. Do not heat your CBD-oil in direct heat for it decreases the overall effect of the oil.
  4. Store the oil in a cool place –Keeping it at a cool place keeps the oil fresh and more effective when added to edibles.
  5. Limited dosage – Even though, CBD-oil has a low concentration of THC, it is advisable to keep the dosage low, at least in the beginning.

There are countless restaurants across the USA that serve CBD-oil in recipes such as chocolates, brownies, sauces, butter cookies, salads, pizza, butter, ricotta and semifreddo.  CBD food industry has already established itself as a billion-dollar business and with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry; anyone can start his or her own CBD-infused food and beverage business. Undoubtedly, CBD is the latest explosion in the food industry.

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