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How gambling legislation could afect the State of Georgia

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Recently, courts ruled that states could now begin loosening up restrictions on gambling legislation across America. This specifically relates to online gambling. You might have seen economies and industries in countries like the UK really flourish thanks to their liberal gambling rules. Well there’s now a lot of potential for gambling in America, and specifically the state of Georgia.

In this article, we’re going to look at how the landscape might change with examples from other parts of the world. There might be some drawbacks from more online gambling in Georgia, but there are also a ton of benefits. Let’s have a look at what might happen:

  1. Resistance from traditional casinos

One problem with the increase in online gambling is how if affects traditional casinos and other gambling venues. While Georgia doesn’t have a huge number of traditional casinos, there are a few river-casinos and other operations. These will undoubtedly resist online gambling as it threatens their ability to make money. But should the desires of one subsection of an industry prevent more choice for the consumer?

There’s always a place for both types of gambling, online and offline, and the best casinos have already sought to tie-operations together and benefit from both. For example, you might be able to collect your winning from traditional premises even though you won the money online. That’s one way to keep traditional gambling entities afloat.

  1. More jobs and employment opportunities

While jobs might suffer in traditional casinos, these are a small section of the market. What could flourish is more online jobs, especially where the head offices are located. That’s one way countries like the UK have benefited from more liberal gambling legislation, as they allow businesses to stay in the country. Pushing them off-shore only pushes potential tax revenue from both the companies and the individual players away.

  1. More tax revenue

This ties in with the last point, but the state will stand to make more in taxes from both the gamblers and especially the businesses that operate. This should not be overlooked and could be a huge boost to public funds. In the UK, only gambling businesses are taxed and profits from gambling for an individual are not. But this is not how things have tended to operate in America, so states should see an increase in tax revenue from both ends.

  1. More choice for consumers

One thing that’s often forgotten when discussing gambling legislation is the consumer. The more choice they have, the better options they’ll have to enjoy and spend their money. Being locked in to only one provider creates a monopoly whereas competition encourages more choice for consumers. You can find all sorts of sports to bet on at 888sport.

  1. More ways to win

The consumer will also have more ways to win, including access to more games and options, as well as more ways to fund and withdraw from their accounts.

  1. The sporting landscape might change

Some sports might resist gambling changes, but there will also be a lot of money to be made from both endorsements and allowing bets to be placed on-site. As long as restrictions and safeguards are in place, many sports could benefit from more online gambling.

  1. More convenience for consumers

Another benefit for the consumer is that they’ll simply be able to place bets more easily, while on the move from their phone or tablet.

  1. A more competitive state economy

With a flourishing gambling economy, the state might become more competitive and simply have more money. That’s why legislators could see online gambling as the next big boost to the state economy.

Story by Olivia Johnson 

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