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How Forex Academy helps you pick the best trade entry point in forex

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What do you think is an ideal trade entry? You may say one that provides the maximum ROI. Forex Academy, one of the free researches and news website on Forex differs from your views slightly. They believe an ideal Forex trade entry point is one that provides a good stop loss placement and also a significant risk/reward ratio. Of course, you cannot land a perfect trade entry point right from day one. Even veteran traders often miss the sweet spot, but they are more likely to get things right.

Picking your best trade entry point

Forex trading is not a walk in the park. You have to learn the nuances of the trade thoroughly to make the most of your trader order. The analysts from Forex Academy collects reports of the Forex market every day to keep you updated about the changing prices. You can change your strategy accordingly to suit the ups and downs of the market condition. According to the experts from this website, the best way to find your perfect trade entry point is to look for price action signals on your daily chart time frame.

The second method is to search for confluent factors that can back up the signals you found above. This will help you reverse engineer the trade successfully. You need to spot the critical signal and then backtrack it to see if there are signal bar lines that share the same grid as other key levels. Ideally, you should line up multiple supporting factors to hit the hotspot of your trade entry point. The last trick is to boost your risk/reward percentage. For this, you need to refine your entries. It will take time, but you can understand a pattern soon.

Here is a simple breakdown of what you have to do to land the best trade entry points:

  • Forex Academy advises traders always to find a specific pattern or signal, level of trade, something that is obvious, but you need a hawk’s eye to understand the style. This will help to refine the patterns. Soon you will be left with a few patterns that will only indicate the best trade entry points for all your orders.
  • Confluent factors and entry filters are two crucial parts that help to provide an accurate estimation of your trade entry points. These usually back up your trade with at least 50% swing retracement levels, moving averages, and key horizontal support. So, you need to keep an eye on the confluent factors to improve your trade entry points.
  • There are also entry tweaks that can boost your entry point significantly. You can use an optimum entry point level or key level that provides better stop replacements and also larger targets.

There is no one-plan move that can improve your trade entry points. But if you follow these tips from Forex Academy, you can work your way to finding the sweet spot quickly. Keep your eyes open and analyze the market better to increase your chances of getting the best entry points.