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How eco-friendly mattresses can benefit more than the environment

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We live in an age where the fear and the effects of climate change are ever-present. Many people try to find any way to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible in their everyday lives. This can even include sleeping. Organic mattresses have never been more popular, and with good reason. They have a smaller carbon footprint, they are hypoallergenic, and they are made with materials that contain no harmful chemicals. However, organic, eco-friendly mattresses are not just good for the environment, they are good for you, too.

Free of Harsh Chemicals

So much of what we own and use on a daily basis has been processed and manufactured using chemicals that can be harmful to our health. Eco-friendly mattresses, however, are made using natural materials, such as organic cotton and wool. These have been made not just without chemicals that can harm you and your family, but they are also produced using natural methods. The cotton is grown without pesticides, and the wool comes from sheep that are raised in pastures and not in a factory. Check out some of the best eco-friendly mattresses here.

The names of some of the chemicals used in manufacturing traditional mattresses might frighten you. The synthetic materials contain substances such as formaldehyde, boric acid, and polyurethane. These are all connected to cancer, and our bodies can absorb them while we sleep. Not only that, but non-organic cotton is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides that can never be washed out. The body can absorb these as well.

Safe For Those With Allergies

Conventional mattresses are notorious for clinging to allergens. These allergens can include toxins, pesticides, dust mites, and many others. The toxins used in the manufacturing of these mattresses can cause serious health issues for those who have allergies or respiratory problems. Mattresses that are manufactured with organic materials do not have those toxins since they are pesticide-free. Manufactured cotton also tends to have certain metals that can cause allergic reactions. Organic cotton does not contain any metals at all.


Eco-friendly and biodegradable mattresses tend to be more durable than synthetic mattresses. They last longer, which will save you money and effort from not having to replace yours as often. The reason they last longer is because the natural materials used in the production of the mattress do not break down or damage as easily as synthetic materials. For instance, if you stretch out organic wool, it will snap back into place. With synthetic wool, once it is stretched out, that’s it. There’s no going back. Because natural wool is so flexible, it resists treating, and it can stand up to everyday usage that would cause a synthetic product to wear out and fail.


You probably wouldn’t have thought that a mattress made of natural materials might also be more comfortable, but it’s true. The elasticity is what makes it so. Having an elastic material like natural wool combined with natural latex allows the mattress to mold to the shape of your body. It will not pack down and compress as synthetic materials do. Even with extreme pressure, it will still mold to the body and then return to its natural state when you get up.

Flame Retardant

The most dangerous chemicals used in the making of synthetic mattresses are for making them flame retardant. A mattress is a large mass of flammable material, so it needs to be protected with something, right? Well, not necessarily. Natural environmentally friendly mattresses still meet fire safety standards, but they do it without the usual chemicals. Natural wool is naturally flame retardant because it contains keratin, which is a protein that combines with moisture to make it very difficult to combust. It can still catch on fire, but it takes much higher temperatures than synthetic wool does.

Baby and Infant Safe

If you have a young family, then safety is probably your primary concern with any product that you bring into your home. Placing a mattress made of natural materials is probably the safest thing you can do for your baby. Not only will it be more flame retardant, but wool will naturally crimp, meaning it will better comfort and soothe your child. Wool also acts as insulation, so your baby can stay as warm as possible during the cold months, and cool when it’s hot. All of the chemicals already mentioned above are especially dangerous for developing minds and bodies, so keeping them out of your child’s room is extremely important.

One of the great things about choosing to be more environmentally conscious is that it comes with other benefits as well. This applies with your mattress as well. As you can see, choosing an eco-friendly mattress will help much more than just the environment. It can help you live a cleaner and safer life, too.

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