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It’s “The Run for the Roses” season and “The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports” time where a lot of sports fans are anticipating to watch out for. The Kentucky Derby is set to kick-off on the 4th of May. This year will commemorate the 145th edition of the Kentucky Derby which will take place in the famous race track of Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky.

In the early reports produced by horse racing experts, they said that this year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby will be attended by strongest horse racing contenders. By the way, the Kentucky Derby is the first jewel of the prestigious Triple Crown Series which sets the mood of the said racing tournament. It is then followed by the Preakness Stakes and concluded by the Belmont Stakes.

Hence, the Kentucky Derby is where the favorites will rise. While it is true that the Kentucky Derby this year seems to be a tight match, choosing the right Kentucky Derby winner entails a difficult job to do. Thus, we would like to give you some simple tips you can apply in picking your Kentucky Derby winner as we draw near to the final date of the racing showdown.

Trained Well

A lot of horse racing bettors misses this part. Take note that a horse won’t develop his running skills and strategies without his trainers. The horse trainers dedicate their full time in training a thoroughbred horse to develop his own running capability and strategy. He sees to it that he brings out the best of what his horse entry can showcase inside the race track.

Therefore, in picking the right Kentucky Derby winner, you have to scrutinize the background of each horse trainer. In this way, you will be able to understand what are the training techniques they apply for a specific horse racer and their best practices. Once you’ll learn this, it will ensure you to bet for the right racing winner.

Excellent Racing Forms

Since the Kentucky Derby is a huge horse racing tournament, no horse racer is risking a debut run in this kind of event since they might lose. Ideally, they initially join minor horse racing shows and pre-Kentucky Derby shows to hone their running skills. In that case, they can secure winning titles and racing records to be able to secure a place in the Kentucky Derby.

In that case, their running records are available in racing forms that you must take a look. It is where you Kentucky Derby odds, previous racing standings,  racing scores, and most importantly the recent title they have earned if there is. Lastly, the racing forms also show the distance and the lengths these horse entries finished and it will be an excellent reference in picking your Kentucky Derby winner.

Looks Healthy

One way to also identify a real Kentucky Derby winner is by checking how the health of the horse racer looks like. In Churchill Downs race track, there is a paddock which refers to a place where all horse racers, trainers, and jockeys composed before the racing shoe starts. You might want to go to these areas to see and observe your bets.

The purpose of this is to take a close look at how your bet looks like and how they move. A healthy horse looks confident and shows full strength before running. If you see your bet looks tired before the racing starts, he might not be able to successfully win. A worn out or exhausted horse will also not get the chance of winning the entire race.

Wears The Right Equipment

The best equipment that each winning horse racer wore is their headlights. The headlights will serve as their guide and at the same time will help them clearly see the right way on the race track. If your horse entry has this kind of equipment, you are heading to the right decision.

Aside from that, having a full-geared horse racer deems that he is prepared to win the game. In a Kentucky Derby where the racing competition is tight, you need to make sure that your entries would have the best equipment so they’ll be able to make it to the finish line.

They Are Favorites

To be honest, a lot of experts bettors tries to get away betting for the favorite. In picking the winning Kentucky Derby winner, always bet for the favorite. This may not be able to emerge as a big winner because they carry a lot of pressure, but they can surely place in the game hitting a great pay off in betting categories you are waging.

In that sense, you might want to refer to the latest odds set by the odds maker to determine their probability and statistics of winning.

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