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How do you reset the mileage on a Fiat 500?

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Resetting the mileage on Harga Fiat 500 could be daunting if you don’t know the right steps. Therefore, this tutorial is all about providing the right information on reset so that anyone can perform it with no hassle.

Every vehicle requires annual maintenance, wherein oil change is an important step. Many Fiat 500 owners want to reset the First 500’s counter after every oil change, which is a good practice. Therefore, this article will discuss the different steps needed to reset the trip odometer.

However, it is important to understand the major differences between a trip meter and an odometer before knowing the right steps.

Differences between a trip meter and odometer on Fiat 500

Many people make the mistake of mixing the daily counter with the odometer. It is essential to know that both these are different and perform distinct functions.

The work of the odometer is to record how many kilometers you have ridden the vehicle. It is counted right from the day it gets on the road. It keeps track of the vehicle’s total mileage. On the contrary, daily counter helps to know the information of your future drain. It means how much your vehicle will run in case the fuel gauge turns out to be faulty. The daily counter is also known as the maintenance counter.

The following steps are involved in performing the process of resetting-

  1. Turn the key to ignite the engine but make sure the vehicle (engine) does not start. A quarter turn will suffice.
  2. Check the button on the maintenance counter. You can easily find it on the screen at the bottom right, where the numbers of kilometers are displayed.
  3. Now press the button. Once you press, there will be a count of 10 on the screen.
  4. Keep pressing the button until the countdown doesn’t end.
  5. Now remove the key contact and start the engine.
  6. During this entire process of manipulation, the counter would have reset to zero.

Sometimes the emptying indicator light remains on. You have to follow the below instructions to make it off in such a case.

  1. Repeat the first step of the resetting process- do not start the engine but switch on your vehicle.
  2. Press the accelerator to the maximum and three times on the brake.
  3. Now remove the ignition and turn it again to make the vehicle on.
  4. Most probably, the indicator light will now go off.

So, these are some simple steps that you can follow to rest the mileage on your Fiat 500.

What is the purpose of resetting the maintenance counter on the Fiat 500?

There is a light maintenance tool in some Fiats that reminds the owner about the oil change. Changing oil frequently is essential to maintain the car. It helps make the ride smooth and protects the engine from unnecessary wear and tear.

It is an important feature as many vehicle owners often forget to perform that change. When the oil change is not performed at regular intervals, the car may get damaged permanently. When the car covers a certain distance, the light starts blinking, indicating a need to change the oil.

So, once the car is maintained, the counter yet is not reset, the indicator light will remain ‘on’ on the console. Now, the car will not signal about when the future emptying needs to be carried out. Changing oil is a practical process that every vehicle owner needs to perform.

Apart from this, when there is a gauge problem in the vehicle, resetting the odometer of the Fiat 500 becomes necessary. You can also reset the counter to zero when you do not have any idea about the quantity of gasoline available in the tank of the vehicle.

Once you reset, calculating the average range of Fiat 500 becomes easy to measure as it will depend upon the kilometers you have driven. So, in case of a gauge problem also, resetting the counter helps. Lastly, resetting also helps when you want to rent your Fiat 500 between individuals so that you can check how many kilometers the rental company has traveled.

Final words 

The process of resetting the maintenance meter on a Fiat 500 is very easy. However, it is important to know the right steps so that you do not create any further issues with the vehicle. It can help you know the distance traveled on a trip as well as resolve the gauge issues.

As far as resetting the odometer (total distance vehicle has traveled) is concerned, it is a matter of fraud as per the U.S federal regulations. Whenever you transfer the vehicle ownership, the seller should show the correct mileage rode by the vehicle to the purchaser.

If the odometer requires serving or repairing, ensure that the repair technician has left the odometer reading to the same as before the servicing or repair. If keeping the reading the same is not possible, the technician needs to place a sticker in the door jamb that will clearly show the mileage before the servicing or repairing.

The owner can take a record of the vehicle’s odometer reading if he is taking it for servicing just to make sure that it is reset to the same after repairing. It is a good habit that every car owner should have. Changing the odometer reading is illegal and makes you a fraudster.

Story by Sanjit Sarker

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