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How digital marketing agencies use task management tools to stay productive

marketing strategyStaying productive is vitally important in today’s economy. Dips in productivity can have big impacts on a company’s bottom line, which is why many companies – including digital marketing agencies – turn to specialized tools to boost productivity.

Task management tools can be especially useful to maintaining productivity for online businesses. These tools can help businesses accomplish more work, communicate more effectively, and boost efficiency. Find out more about how digital marketing agencies use task management tools to stay productive right here.

What Are Task Management Tools?

Before we dig too deep into the uses of task management tools, let’s nail down exactly what these tools represent. Task management tools are items used to organize and prioritize work tasks. In the past, most task management tools were physical items, like corkboards or even whiteboards.

In today’s world, many task management tools are digital and available online. You may be familiar with some examples of task management tools and programs like:

  •         Asana
  •         Trello
  •         QuickBase
  •         Wrike
  •         Basecamp

These online task management tools may be used by digital marketing agencies and other companies to keep productivity high. The specific features offered by task management tools can include:

  •         Task Planning
  •         Task Scheduling
  •         Task Tracking
  •         Time Tracking
  •         Calendar Applications
  •         Collaboration Channels
  •         Progress Reporting

How Do Task Management Tools Encourage Productivity?

So, now that we know what task management tools are, let’s go over how they are used to support productivity in digital marketing agencies. Task management tools can help companies:

Easily View and Manage Tasks

Checking the priority of different tasks can help companies determine where they should apply their efforts. This can keep digital marketing agencies from wasting time and productivity on less-relevant tasks.

Determine How Many Resources to Use on a Task

Task management tools let companies determine how much time and how many resources each task should be allocated, allowing additional resources to go towards more productive assignments.

Improving Teamwork

Teams that work effectively with one another get more done. Task management tools let team members clearly understand their roles. These tools also facilitate communication, boosting productivity.

Reducing Downtime

Companies that utilize task management tools always have clear direction on what they should do next. This increases productivity by keeping all employees active and freeing teams from wasting time when they’re unsure about how to move forward.

What is the Best Task Management Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies?

As we’ve seen, there are a number of popular task management tools out there that can be implemented by digital marketing agencies. The best project management tools for a specific business will depend on a number of factors, including:

  •         The Size of the Digital Marketing Agency
  •         The Value Placed on Data Analysis
  •         The Company’s Need for Remote Access
  •         The Need to Integrate with Other Applications

Selecting the right task management tool can help digital marketing agencies stay productive. These tools can also increase team collaboration, help businesses stay organized, and keep projects running smoothly.