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How custom cardboard boxes save time and money

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We’ve all been in a situation where we need to pack, store, or send something in a cardboard box, but our item or items just don’t fit quite right.

Sometimes we stuff extra paper or bubble wrap to cushion the contents, sometimes we leave a few awkward empty spaces around the item and hope it won’t get bruised or knocked around in transit, and sometimes we try to cram our things inside a too-small box and hope it won’t explode before it arrives at its destination.

The pain is genuine for small businesses, who process orders daily and have to walk a fine line between quality packing materials and cost, as-accurate-as-possible dimensions, and boxes that will ensure the safe delivery of products.

Luckily the industry has recently been revolutionized by custom cardboard boxes. Instead of arranging products in boxes that may not correspond to their dimensions, you can customize size boxes to meet your requirements.

Size and style

Would your item ship better in a square-shaped box? How about a rectangular one? How about one where the flap simply pops open, and your product slides out, compared to one where you unhook the whole lid of the box? What about a poster or a document- would it ship better if it were rolled up?

With the new shipping solutions available, you can pick a style that both ships your product more snuggly and presents a different user experience when they open the box.

For example, if you want them to open the whole lid to display a product, a mailer box would be better, whereas if you want the user to stick their hand in the box and pull out the product, such as a shirt, a one-piece folder might be your better option.

Custom cardboard boxes allow you to curate and customize your product recipients’ experience, so their first interaction with your product is exactly how you want it to be.

Color and finish

Forget the ubiquitous brown cardboard box. Now, your products can ship in style! There are dozens of color combinations available to make your boxes stand out and enhance brand identity. Is your brand more of a pastel or a neon color operation? Would a bold pattern be something you want to set your shipments apart?

There are tons of options to choose from, and you can also print packaging with your specific label, design, or motto on it for that extra personalized experience. You can also select the paper type you want to use to choose whether you want a glossy, satin, or matte finish.

The fun doesn’t stop with just the outside, however! You can also customize the packaging’s interior, which adds to the high-quality appearance and lets customers know you don’t skimp on your materials.

High value

It’s possible to customize just about every element of your cardboard boxes, including adding inserts if necessary. Custom cardboard can be environmentally friendly, both in the sense that the materials are made out of recyclable material and in the sense that with more efficient packaging processes, less space is wasted in shipping boxes, leading to smaller shipments and results in a reduced carbon footprint.

Big companies are already jumping aboard the custom cardboard box bandwagon, so if you’re a business owner or send many items that you’d like to polish up, think about switching to custom-designed cardboard boxes for a look and style you won’t find elsewhere. Happy packing!

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