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How construction companies haul their equipment

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Construction companies require many pieces of heavy equipment for their jobs. From bulldozers to steamrollers, all of this equipment needs to be hauled from one project to another. There are several different trailers used for this, like flatbeds and lowboy trailers.

Different Types of Trailers Companies Use

There are many different trailers construction companies use for hauling equipment and materials. Enclosed semi-trailers are good for loading equipment, supplies and materials as they have lots of room and the enclosed walls keep the materials safe from the elements.

In terms of hauling heavy equipment and tall loads, flatbeds are more commonly used. The lower frame makes it easier to load the equipment. It’s also easier to strap the equipment in place so that it doesn’t move around during transportation. Lowboy trailers are even lower and can accommodate tall loads like bulldozers and more.

Things to Know About Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are one of the most common types of trailers because of their many advantages. They lack sides or a top, which gives them tremendous flexibility in loading oddly shaped loads. These trailers are also very safe when the load is properly secured.

While these excel with oddly shaped loads, you can also load flat pallets and they will be safely transported from one area to another. The lack of walls means that there is no protection against the elements, but this can be easily solved with a tarp. As one of the most common types of trailers there are many sizes you can choose from. You can usually find between 40 to 80 feet long flatbed trailers for sale, which should be enough for any project.

Why Use a Flatbed Trailer Vs Alternatives

Flatbed trailers reign supreme when it comes to versatility and flexibility. They don’t have any sides, which means you can load oddly shaped loads with ease. There are also many sizes to choose from since this trailer is so common.

Another common type of flat trailer would be lowboy trailers. These are lower to the ground than flatbeds, but they typically don’t have as many size options. If you want another long trailer, then an enclosed semi-trailer could work, but this is meant for pallets and other flat loads. According to Hale Trailer, “Flatbed trailers can be made of aluminum, steel, and composite, and have options for additions like curtain-sided walls, extendable decks, and multilevel decks (drop deck). They have a standard deck height of 5 feet and can carry loads up to 8’ 6” tall.”

If you have an oversized load, then nothing can really compare to a flatbed trailer. This is the only type used for those loads because of its size and large weight capacity.

Best Uses for Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are used most commonly for transporting heavy equipment. They can also be used to haul cars and other vehicles. This is because they can carry heavy loads and the lack of walls allows you to load items of nearly any size or shape. If you have an oversized load, then flatbed trailers are usually the only option. Flatbeds can also carry flat loads that might be too wide for other types of trailers.


Flatbed trailers are commonly used by construction companies to haul heavy equipment and other big loads. Their lack of walls and numerous size options make flatbed trailers ideal for hauling big and oddly shaped loads.