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How cold therapy revolutions injury rehab

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If you work out regularly then you must know injuries are inevitable. Injuries from exercising can be of both minor or major severity depending on what caused the injury. Most times when taking a run, swimming, or even training in the gym, you will pull a muscle, receive a serious knock, or trip and fall, causing you a painful injury in the process.

To relieve the pain fast, you should consider using heat or cold treatment, like Source Cold Therapy, before seeking medical attention.

What is cold therapy

Cold therapy is also referred to as cryotherapy or ice treatment. It works by introducing cold temperature to an injured part of the body. This makes the area numb, which in turn reduces inflammation, pain and promotes wellbeing. Ever wondered why most athletes get interviewed in a cold tab right after a marathon?

Cold therapy can also be used as a basic home remedy. It simply involves using a bag filled with frozen vegetables or ice. You may also use a coolant spray bottle with menthol to ease the pain. A traditional cold tab is another form. Try pressing the affected area to the icy tab for comfort.

Alternatively, you can purchase chemical cold packs that require you to squeeze to activate the chemical so it reduces injury, offering relief to the injured body part.

How to use cold therapy machines

There are both motorized and non-motorized commercial cold therapy machines available. They typically come with the mains outlet plug, a reservoir, and cold therapy pad.

You don’t want to create a mess all over your floor so follow instructions on the pack carefully. A general rule of thumb is to never leave the machine dry to prevent damage. Put some ice and leave enough room for water to pump. Since the pack contains a few components, it is relatively easy to install and use.

Benefits of cold therapy

There are a variety of benefits of cryotherapy to the body and mind. Here are just a few ways ice treatment will improve your life.

Reduces pain and swelling

The reason cold treatment is so popular in the world of sports is due to its effectiveness in pain relief. The ice reduces blood flow to the affected area by constricting blood vessels which prevents inflammation.

Improves blood circulation

Every time the body gets exposed to cold temperature as a result of cold therapy, blood rushes to warm up the vital organs. This increases the body’s heart rate so that blood can supply oxygen and nutrients across the body.

Facilitates weight loss

Our bodies use brown fat tissues to generate energy that burns calories. By exposing the body to cold, the body burns more fat tissues to stay warm. An increased metabolism ultimately helps the body lose weight by burning multiple calories.

Precautions when using cold therapy

Avoid putting ice directly to your skin when undertaking cold treatment and always use a towel or plastic bag to avoid causing more harm than good. Combine cold treatment with other forms of therapy for better results.

Rest up, apply compressions, and where the pain does not subside, seek medical help.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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