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How chip tuning can take your car to the next level

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If you’re interested in engine chip tuning and what to find out some of the biggest reasons why people opt to do it, here are some of the most important things to know about it!

To some, chip tuning might sound like little more than a pipe dream. Afterall, it is hard to imagine improving your car’s horsepower without adding any physical modifications. Turns out, chip tuning does exactly that. How you ask? Here are the major factors:

  • Ignition timing
  • Air/fuel ratio
  • Increased boost

Alone, these three factors can help you maximize your car to levels you previously didn’t think possible. It’s options like gan, gan tuning, gan reviews, gan ga, gan ga+, gan gtl, gan gt that can help you get it done!

Ignition timing

The reason why ignition timing can help improve your car’s performance is simple. Consider a piston in your car on its compression stroke. The cylinder is filled with an air-fuel mixture and your spark plug is waiting for the signal from the ECM to fire. When this spark fires is crucial to the performance of your car. Too soon and you are creating a force counter to what your engine wants to achieve. Too late, you’re wasting energy as you want to make sure that peak pressure occurs when the piston is close to dead center.

By chip tuning, the timing, especially in the case of higher octane fuels or water/meth injection, you can unlock tons of your motor’s untapped potential.

Air/fuel ratio

The ratio of air to fuel in your engine has a huge impact on the overall performance of your machine. Typical AFR is set to 14.7:1 mean that for every 14.7 grams of fuel you burn, you are burning 1 gram of air. However, for maximum thermal efficiency to actually be achieved, you are going to want to be at a ratio close to 16:1.

The reason why cars aren’t automatically set at that ratio is due to fuel emission regulations. However, your chip tuning can help to overcome that government regulation so that you can achieve the best possible AFR for your car’s performance.

Increased boost

There is nothing wrong with admitting that the boost you get from your car just makes you smile. Luckily for you, adding boost is one of the easiest ways to add power to a forced induction engine. If your car comes with a factory turbo, it is often tuned to keep boost levels reliable and efficient. The reason why is because be increasing boost, you are also increasing the amount of air packed into each cylinder. By adding more air, you can then add more fuel – which leads to… more boost.

While chip tuning absolutely helps you increase boost, you should be aware that that increase does lead to increased stress on your engine. That’s why forged pistons, rods and cranks are so popular in the aftermarket. For that reason, if you do plan on increasing the boost to your engine via chip tuning, it is wise to build the engine from the inside out.

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