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How can you increase testosterone in your body?

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Testosterone, the essential androgen and hormone to keep your sex life going, if you are a man, while giving you muscular strength and other vital things to keep your body healthy and happy. Clearly, testosterone is quite imperative for the well-being of both men and women. Yes, testosterone is even found in women in small concentrations, however.

The thing about testosterone is that its level starts declining after a certain age both in male and female body. However, since men are more associated with T-levels, it is important to keep the balance normal in their bodies. Since testosterone levels in the body decline naturally, it is advised to take food and supplements from outside to keep the balance going inside. In many cases, men at quite a young age suffer with an imbalance in their T-levels. This is where the question arises – Can I buy testosterone? The answer to the question is a simple yes, and let us tell you how and where.

What is testosterone?

It is a male sex hormone, which is produced in the testicles in men and ovaries in women. Both male and females need testosterone but men are mainly who get more benefit from it. Testosterone contributes in the development of male sex organs while estrogen is one for the sexual development of women.

After the age of 30, men start experiencing a decline in their T-levels, which also means that they lose interest in sex, which can lead to depression. As mentioned before, T-levels can go down at a young age as well, and thus, one needs to get testosterone from outside to maintain the balance.

There are three main ways to get testosterone-

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Supplements
  • Medicines, injections and other therapies

Thus, you can surely buy testosterone in one or another way mentioned above. So, let’s focus on them one by one.

  1. Food: If you are looking to grow your T-level, then it is for the best to focus on a diet that is full of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat. Some of the best foods to include in your diet thus, include eggs, low fat milk, salmon, beans, oysters, avocado, bananas, cereals, ginger, garlic, spinach, leafy vegetables, yogurt, almonds, etc. You can consult a dietician or a medical professional to help you understand what kind of diet will work for your body type,
  2. Exercise: No prizes for guessing but regular exercise helps the body build strength and also bring a balance to hormonal levels. All you have to do is move your body – dancing, cycling, weight lifting, aerobics, Zumba, or good old work-out – anything to make you sweat will be good for your T-levels. You can join a gym membership or work-out or yoga class to keep the testosterone up.
  3. Supplements: The most popular way, these days, to buy testosterone is to purchase them in the form of supplements from the market. There are a variety of testosterone-boosting supplements available in the market that help you increase or balance your T-levels. The best part is that many of them are herbal in nature and thus, do not come with any sort of side-effects. Some of the best supplements that are available in the market include Testogen which is a fan favorite and helps in increasing energy and focus, amongst other things,  Prime Male, known for improved libido and stabilized mood, and Testofuel, which helps in reducing fatigue and promoting healthy sleep. You should consider learning about the main ingredients that should form a part of a good testosterone-boosting supplement. Some of these ingredients include Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, Nettle Root, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, ginseng, boron, and D-Aspartic acid. Rest assured, you will soon see positive results in your T-levels.
  4. Medications and therapies: Low levels of testosterone have become quite common in today’s world. Thus, there are effective and affordable therapies and medications available in the medical world to help the patients with the same.

There are generally five main ways to take testosterone via medications – injections, transdermal, oral, intranasal, and pellets. Let’s learn about them in detail-

  • Transdermal: These are related to skin and come in the form of topicals, such as gels, creams, liquids, patches, etc. They take about four days to last on the skin, and if they remain untouched, probably more.
  • Injections/shots: There are long-acting and short-acting shots for testosterone, the former is given under the skin and the latter is given in the muscle. The short-lasting testosterone injections are given on a weekly or bi-weekly basis while the long-lasting ones are given every 8-12 weeks, depending on the level of testosterone in the body.
  • Oral: These doses are given through the mouth, precisely, above your incisor. It comes in the form of patches and stays on the incisor or ‘eye tooth’ and stays for about 12 hours until the drug is completely released in the body. It is recommended to not swallow it or chew it at all for the effects to last for a long time.
  • Intranasal: This method comprises the pumping of a gel into each nostril and is recommended to be taken thrice a day.
  • Pellets: The testosterone pellets are usually put under the skin of your hip or buttocks by the doctor after giving you a shot of anaesthesia and making a cut. Afterwards, they place the pellets in the fatty tissue of your skin. The solution then dissolves slowly and takes about 4 to 6 months to be released.

No one way is better than the other and thus, one needs to consult a specialist to suggest to people which medication or therapy would be the best for them. Testosterone Therapy (TT) requires every person to go through the blood test required to learn about the level of testosterone in the body, especially if they are young. The doctors, then, accordingly suggest the therapy/medication.


Each person has a different body type. Thus, it is possible that everyone responds to the treatment or lifestyle change differently. This however, doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t pay attention toward the declining T-levels in the body for it can lead to some serious health conditions. If you feel any of the symptoms that direct low or high levels of testosterone in the body, especially if you are a male, then it is highly recommended to go and check with a doctor, get yourself tested and whatever the doctor suggests, go with it. So, yes, you can definitely buy testosterone from outside, get treated and soon, feel great about yourself!

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