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How can software help manage public utilities?

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If there’s anything the recent winter storms in the South have taught America, it’s that access to water and electricity can’t be taken for granted. These precious utilities exist to keep us separate from the desperate wilderness, and because of that, we have to put everything into ensuring they’re well managed and maintained. Unfortunately, many municipalities and cities still use older systems that can’t do as much good for the people they’re serving.

Some software can make it easier in these areas, helping to modernize systems so people can avoid disaster and keep their communities up to date. Here are the top ways public utility software can help any town.


Natural gas can be a difficult thing for many municipalities to handle on their own. There are very exact laws about how this fuel has to be controlled and which properties can receive it; there are also building codes and risks that have to be measured. Seventeen people a year die from gas leaks and the explosions they can cause. Although this might not sound like many, any loss of life can be avoided too much.


When storms come sweeping in, the last thing you want to find out after they leave is that your stormwater drains and assets aren’t working.  Even as little as six inches of flooding can cause an entire home to have to be taken down to the studs and started over. Instead, stormwater asset management software can help keep the system up to date and ensure that everything is in working order before the storm even hits.

Water management is also essential for billing and usage. When residents turn on a faucet, they should be able to assume it will work and that they’ll be charged legally for their use. A sound system will bill them correctly and ensure that there’s no problem with them receiving water.


The first thing many people do when they move is immediately getting their lights turned on. The process of getting electricity connected to a specific person or building can be complicated, and with billing on top of that, it’s often a lot for municipalities to handle. Software designed for electricity billing and automation can help simplify this. Not only can it keep track of who has paid their bills and metering how much electricity they use, but it can also notify employees when a repair is needed or when there’s a mass outage.


Public utilities encompass a lot of work, reaching from heating to garbage pick up and sewage.  With all of these different utilities to focus on, and each plays an essential role in every city, town, and municipality, it’s reasonable to understand why so many are turning towards software to handle their public utilities.

Not only can software take care of instantly alerting employees of issues and monitoring billing and usage of residents, but it also saves municipalities a lot of money. Using software can replace dozens of employees and put that money back towards serving the community that purchased it.

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