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How can IGTV be a staircase for marketers to leverage their brand?


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IGTV is an Instagram app for posting videos up to an hour-long, recorded with the phone vertically. Anyone who uses it will be able to freely upload their videos and open their “channel,” more or less like you do with photos on Instagram. Certainly, IGTV presents itself as a new tool for Influencer, and in fact, has already seen the presence of some videos produced by the most famous influencers on this platform. Today, they are in a continuous battle to overtake their competitors, along with offering an array of services for the marketers, influencers, and audience, and IGTV is one of its results.

A quick tour of what IGTV is all about!

A much-anticipated app that captivated the minds of people all around the world was the induction of a channeled network similar to traditional television. IGTV, much like YouTube, would provide a platform to the influencers to promote their brand through media uploads in the form of videos on social media.

Available both as a part of the Instagram app or also in a standalone environment, the IGTV allows marketers to post longer videos. Occupying its place in the top right corner of the Instagram app, the IGTV would account for separate channels for each marketer. Adding a plethora of services to the app has increased its popularity to tenfold.

Impacts on the Influencers

This app might be a game-changer in the industry of social media. Not just would it tremendously affect the way people view social media but also have a remarkable impact on the marketing companies. Currently, the app does not have the indulgence of ad makers, but soon it would fortify the same.

This app paved the way for some questions- with the prime being the effect this app would lay upon the marketers and how they can leverage it. In short, soon, IGTV will most probably allow marketers to grow their viewership and engagements.

Introduction of Organic Strategies

The recent advancement in technology has caused a paradigm shift from horizontal videos to vertical videos. It might not have been a vividly accepted form, but with the advent of IGTV, marketers can lay an obligation for people to mitigate from horizontal to vertical view.

A significant medium for all influencers to have their content posted on social media either through still images or short stories have been in trend from the past few years. But adoption of such a technology where uploading videos of significant size will be the stepping stone towards what benefits a customer as well as a marketer or an influencer.

What does IGTV have in store for influencers?

  • IGTV allows the marketers to have a pool of content formulated in the audiovisual format to upload on their respective channels.
  • They can opt for collaboration with the soon-to-go-IGTV-viral-influencers and indulge in brand promotion.
  • The digital media advertisers could aim at targeting potential customers by providing them plenty of content and information in the form of crisp videos
  • A platform to monetize their services in the best possible way and give you a number of new Instagram followers which you can get from activeig.

All in all, IGTV will act as a viable tool that marketers can rely upon to have their revenue leverage within a course of time.

What should you expect?

As of now, it’s not a “thing” yet. Might be its just a fad or Might be not.

However, given the history of Instagram from a business/marketer perspective, it has the potential to be a game-changer.

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