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How can a homeowner recognize when a roof system has problems?

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When a homeowner notices the signs of a damaged roof, they usually see them on the exterior of the structure, or on the interior. Here are some symptoms of a roof that needs to be assessed and fixed by a competent and licensed roofer.

Damage On The Outside

Some of the signs of damage will be immediately visible. One of the most obvious examples is damage from fallen tree branches. However, the signs don’t have to be major. In fact, it’s a myth that if you see a broken or missing shingle that it’s just fine, and that roof damage only occurs in extreme situations. When you have a cracked shingle then that is, indeed, roof damage worth being concerned about. Some types of shingles can crack under thermal pressure.

You may also see blistering on the shingles. If you can get close to the shingles safely, then you may see that they look pocked, and like they have micro-gaps within then. This may be from granules falling off over time.

Granules from shingles will crumble and fall naturally with weathering. This is part of the normal wear-and-tear of a roof, and products are made with this in mind. When a roof is first installed, granules that have been created from the shipping process will runoff in the first rains or snowfalls, so that is normal. But if granules are falling and accumulating in drains, and your roof is not new, then have a qualified roofing expert assess it.

If you notice widespread discoloration then that patch may be damaged. Various things can contribute to an isolated section of the roof being damaged, such as how that specific area was originally installed.

Damage Seen On The Inside

If your roof is damaged then you will likely begin to see the following signs inside your home or office:

  • Stains and mold: If you look up and see a brown irregularly-shaped circle, sometimes with another smaller circle within it, then that’s a sign of water leaking in. They discolor a ceiling and give it a brownish-beige color. You may also notice “blooms” or colorful circles with irregular edges around them. These are blooms of mold that are spreading through the walls. This is definitely the time to call a roofer and begin the process of meeting with various contractors to hire one.
  • Peeling wallpaper: This is a classic sign that moisture has gotten into the walls and is making the adhesive ineffective, causing wallpaper to separate.
  • Rot and mold in the attic: Some people notice the smell first, but if you don’t then you can usually see the signs of mold in the dark brown either in the floor below, usually in corners, or in the attic itself. The mold can also be a greenish-gray color. Do not walk in your attic if you notice mold, because the strength of the boards is compromised by fungus.

Regular maintenance can prevent damage and can determine when a good time is to replace an older roof before it gets too old and starts to show signs of damage. Whether you need repairs or are looking for a contractor to assess your roof to start regular maintenance on it, Jackson Roofing is here to proudly serve you in Indiana.

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